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Yoga Journal offers a reminder to lighten up.

April 7, 2009

Butterfly necklace

Butterfly necklace


If you are into to yoga, chances are you read Yoga Journal. I just found out about their new project, web TV and “Ogden the inappropriate yogi.”

Weather you love or hate Ogden he’s sure to get a response from you. He reminds us to lighten up and to bring a sense of humor to our yoga practice. After watching this short video I decided to make some jewelry to lighten and brighten my mood. I chose a butterfly pendant as center pieces, sprinkled in some pastel color pearls, purple glass beads and some Amethyst. AND I am offering it on sale on the web site. Ah I feel lighter already.

Isn’t it time with all the heaviness and worry vibes going around to lighten up? Spring is here, lets lighten up and remember to laugh. Need a good laugh, take a look at Ogden, in 5 minutes he will have you laughing at him and maybe even yourself.

If you are interested in purchasing the butterfly necklace please go to: and scroll down to the last picture.

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