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Where To Buy Crystals In The Florida Keys

March 24, 2013

During the winter months from November through April I live in The Florida Keys, on the island of Big Pine Key. I have my very own showroom here, I call it The Crystal Cottage.

The Crystal Cottage

The Crystal Cottage

The “Cottage” is a space where I can lay out my ever changing collection of Crystals, Gemstones, Minerals, Healing Gemstone Jewelry and other tools for personal growth.

The crystals and stones love to be out in the open air, where they receive plenty of light from the many windows in The Crystal Cottage. When I’m not in Florida the stones are boxed up and travel with me to Metaphysical Expos, Gem shows  and Art & Craft shows.  It is  a real treat to leave them out, carefully arranged on the tables and shelves where they can be admired, loved and purchased by those who come through The Crystal Cottage.

Recently I received an email from someone wanting to know where my location was. I asked her how she found out about me, since she lived about 60 miles north on Key Largo.  She replied that she had done a Google Search, typing in “where to buy crystals in the Florida Keys”.  I just love the power of Google! The Google search engine brought us together.  She drove down to meet me, purchased some crystals and even had a Crystal Reading.

After her visit, I got to thinking, there really is no other place to purchase Quality crystals and gemstone in the Keys.  There may be a few places sprinkled up and down the island chain where you can find some stones, but there’s no longer a store devoted just to stones.

Back in 1992 I opened a business with my partner Badger called The Crystal Loft, also on Big Pine Key. We started this retail store after a trip to Arkansas to mine Quartz Crystals.  We both fell in love with the experience of digging our own crystals, and opened the shop soon after returning from a summer road trip which included a visit to Sedona AZ. The Crystal Loft became a place for workshops, classes, drumming circles and meeting place for like minded people.

After 11 successful years we sold The Crystal Loft. I began traveling, offering Crystal classes and readings at different venues around the country.  I still visit the major buying shows where I hand select each crystal and stone in my collection. ( see my post on buying at The Denver Gem Show).

The many crystals inside The Crystal Cottage

The Crystal Cottage is more than just a place to buy Crystals and Stones in The Florida Keys.
My vision for The Crystal Cottage is to be a source for our local community for high vibrational crystals, gemstones, healing jewelry and tools for personal and spiritual development. BUT it is more than that. The Crystal Cottage is a place to gather for classes, workshops, movies, healing energy sessions, sound healing.

Solstice Celebration at The Crystal Cottage

Solstice Celebration at The Crystal Cottage

It is a place to come together to empower and inspire each other.

Next time you are in The Florida Keys make an appointment to come spend some time,
be in the healing vibration of the crystals & stones.
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Joann Knoss March 26, 2013 at 12:50 am

What happened to all the crystals at the loft when margaret close down?????. What is there in that place now? I was so shocked to hear that it closed I feel so bad it was a place to feel good and classes and all


Spirals of Light March 26, 2013 at 6:22 am

Joann, yes it was sad see The Crystal Loft close. But now the community has The Crystal Cottage! It is the feel good place to go, feel the vibrational energy of crystals, attend a workshop or Reiki share and meet like minded people in the Florida Keys.—Debra


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