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What are you doing for Earth day?

April 21, 2009



In honor of Earth Day, April 22 I am going to celebrate this great planet Earth with a meditation using the gemstone Chrysocolla.  Chrysocolla is a beautiful Turquoise blue- green gemstone that reminds us of  the earth when viewed from outer space.
It is known as  a stone for healing the Earth.  Chrysocolla’s vibration is closely attuned to the Earth and can bring us into a empathic connection to Mother Earth.

Focusing attention on our Mother Earth we can send out healing energy for all living beings, for all Earth’s creatures great and small, for the land, for the water for the natural beauty and bounty that the Earth offers each and everyone of us.
While holding a Chryscocolla I will pray for healing and send out thoughts of love and appreciation.  
 What are you doing for Earth Day?

Plant some seeds
Breathe in the beauty of nature
Show you care
Walk gently
Use less
Say your own prayers

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