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Using OM Jewelry To Renew A Spiritual Practice

January 7, 2010

OM pendant on Turquoise beads

As 2010 begins, it’s time to re-commit to our spiritual practices. For me that is Yoga and Meditation. I find it very helpful to use the OM symbol to remind me that I am renewing my connection to “the practice”
The ancient symbol OM holds an important significance for me and helps me acknowledge my practice. By wearing OM jewelry and OM pendants, I am reminded to stay in the present moment.  I remember to connect to my breath.  Wearing OM jewelry allows me to stop and reflect throughout the day. As I see the OM pendant around my neck, I pause, take in a deep breath and connect to the NOW. I use my OM necklaces as tools to support my inner spiritual practice. 
I enjoy making jewelry with the sacred OM symbol, combining OM pendants with healing gemstones that also assist to inspire a Yoga or Meditation practice.  I am always on the look out for unique and unusual OM pendants to add to my Yoga jewelry line. Creating these Yoga inspired jewelry pieces can be very meditative. My bead studio is a calming space, surrounded by natural objects, crystals, minerals, plants, flowers and many, many gemstone beads.  Putting together OM pendants with gemstone beads is a pleasurable part of my daily work.

OM Pendant on Amethyst & Quartz

OM is a universal, sacred symbol and the most sacred syllable in Hinduism. It is considered to be the primal sound. According to tradition, ancient sages were able to hear the subtle vibrations produced by everything in the universe, and they identified OM as the most elemental sound of creation. In a quiet environment, you can hear the vibration of OM in the crashing of ocean waves, in the stillness of a forest, or in the rush of wind. For more information on the significance of the symbol OM you can go to this article.
OM is used by meditators as a mantra to assist in reaching higher states of awareness. Many mantras and prayers begin and end with the sound OM. Rest in the universal sound of OM.

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