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The Wonder of Being a Mother by guest blogger Brandy Gray

May 5, 2015

Here is a special blog post written by guest blogger Brandy Gray just in time to celebrate Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day!

Brandy GrayThere are so many different ways I could write about the Beautiful, Precious, Sacred, Quintessential, Devastating role that is Motherhood. Yes, I included devastating… and it’s absolutely true, as every Mother knows, because our hearts ache with love and devotion for our children.

The word Motherhood embodies a Universe of diverse and winding topics that could go on forever but the one I FEEL most compelled to write about is that Motherhood is absolutely delicious, delightful and WONDER-FUL. Literally Wonder-Full. Every moment is full of Wonder and Surprise. Whether it’s a pleasant surprise or a not-so-pleasant surprise! Am I wrong?!

Every moment invites my full attention and presence to its gifts/lessons. And if I can stay in that place of Presence and Openness to every-experience as a parent, my role as a Mother will be continually wonder-full because every day it is ever-changing and unceasingly exciting!

Now, there are moments when Motherhood no longer feels “Wonder-Full” but in broadening my perspective, I can see that those are periods of time when I am also distracted by other tasks or unfocused or “too busy”/depleted or scattered and not in a space of Love and Presence. The important thing to remember is, the Value and Significance of this role still shines ever-so-brightly at every moment, whether you are aware of it or not. The Motherhood role is so FULL of WONDER that literally every moment can be magical if you want it to be.

Motherhood is like escaping to a “Secret Garden”; you’ve heard of one and you know it’s there but every experience in it is unique. The colorful, vibrant diverse flowering can be seen as magical and fragrant and pleasurable to some of those who enter it’s magnificent gates, while others may find it overwhelming and dizzying, a place/role where they can easily lose themselves in all the petty little details. And then there are some who feel a bit of both in their Wonder-Filled garden. The key is to narrow your focus. Find that one flower, in each individual “Wonder-Full” moment, and give it your full attention.  Breathe in that special, precious moment and allow it to be as it is, whether it’s raining or shining that day. You always have the choice to delight in the gardens (and experiences of Life), as they come diverse, colored and blooming in extravagance, OR you can choose to contemplate and ruminate over the days of “bad” weather.

Brandy GrayMotherhood, like a garden or any life experience, has its “rainy days” and also those thorns that can wound so deeply they draw blood. A gardener’s hands may show wear and tear but the value of their work is their focus, not the cuts or the stings.

Some days, tending and nurturing this garden can be unbearable and painstaking, like some days of Motherhood, but that never takes away from the beauty and awe of this enchanted garden. The Gardener’s long and strenuous days never take away from the Love behind the work being put in.     Brandy Gray

The Gardener may at times grow tired, in need of care and rest themselves and they may create space to do so but all the while, the garden still grows and thrives waiting for the next moment to catch and hold the Gardener’s attention.

Sometimes the Gardener can become too attached to their garden, consumed by its beauty, and this can smother the plants, as too much weeding can take the wrong root and over-watering can be detrimental, it is important to create and maintain a healthy boundary between caretaker and the cared-for in all aspects of Life.

And like the garden that goes dormant and dark in the Winter, there may even be long periods of stagnation, boredom or sadness or loss in Motherhood but this short-lived period of transition only helps to shed what is no longer needed to make way for new, brighter and more vibrant moments [of Spring] to come, just as the Light and Magic of Motherhood will consistently return to you if you can continuously allow its Love and Wonder to captivate you.

Some days, I admit, I focus on the rain. And I’ll tell ya a little secret, on those days it just keeps raining because I can’t possibly let the Light in when I am giving the dark clouds all of my attention. The true beauty and magic of it all though, is that Love and Wonder is still offered at the next moment, and the next. And the next.
Raising children is the most challenging and most Sacred and Meaningful job on our planet. It demands unconditional Love and Support to nurture and grow each delicate flower. And as Mothers, we willingly offer our endless flow of care and affection.

This Mother’s Day let’s share in our joy and celebrate Motherhood’s Wonder-Fullness that each new moment with our children offers us. There is a miracle in each of their smiles, a miracle in each of their tears and our own. Motherhood is the ultimate gift and privilege of being a woman.

We are offered a magical, “secret garden” to tend to and care for, whose potential to thrive and flourish is immense and ever-present; and with the proper care and nourishment, this garden’s beauty can spread far and wide touching hearts all over the world, but only if tended to with the appropriate Love, Presence and Attention required for such beauty to unfold.

And this Mothers Day and hopefully every day after, I choose to focus my attention on Mothering being Wonderful 🙂


Brandy Gray & Family

Brandy Gray & Family

Brandy Gray is a devoted mother of two and wife, as well as a dedicated local activist. Her passions are for caring for her family, health and Mother Earth. She also enjoys a good coffee, a good book and loves to eat anything tasty!
You can connect with Brandy on her Facebook page.


We look forward to more posts from Brandy as she relates her experiences working with crystals and her kids.



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