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The Practice Of Gratitude

September 30, 2013

I’m so pleased to welcome guest blogger Felicia Libo  who wrote this article on Gratitude.

It is an honor to be writing this blog post about gratitude, one of my favorite subjects and


Gratitude Journal

practices. I wrote a blog about the practice of gratitude for three years, which included writing in a gratitude journal and sharing the stories of readers and their experiences. It was a surprising and transformative process (especially since I was so skeptical about the practice to start with).

During this time I came across Leigh Fortson’s powerful book, “Embrace, Release, Heal: An Empowering Guide to Talking About, Thinking About, and Treating Cancer” (a review about the book and its connection to gratitude is on my blog if

you are interested). She devoted an entire chapter to gratitude and its practice. She writes:

“I have come to know that being grateful or appreciative and paying attention
to the bounty of blessings before us is, along with forgiveness, perhaps the
greatest key to inner peace and freedom.”

It can also be an integral part of the healing process. For me it is important to stay connected to gratitude and appreciation and not take it for granted (easier said than done), and like any other practice, to do it consistently, whether it’s saying it aloud or writing it down. We so often get caught up in complaining or having negative thoughts towards ourselves and others; gratitude and appreciation shine a light on those clouds and chase them away.

Author Melodie Beattie also has a unique and helpful perspective about the practice of gratitude, which she writes about extensively in her book, “Make Miracles in Forty Days: Turning What You Have Into What You Want.” She writes:

 “If you’re willing to give less than ten minutes a day to this simple activity, you can change
    your life in less than two months. Most of us spend that much time creating pain and misery
    for ourselves. Why not take those ten minutes and use them to turn the dross in our lives
    to gold? Each of us can become an Alchemist.”

Another good reminder for me is having one of Debra’s Gratitude Bracelets. The Rhodochrosite on these bracelets not only “invite positive energy into your life through being



grateful,” as Debra describes them on her website, but mine attracts attention from others for its unique beauty, another reminder to be grateful every time I wear it.

Felicia Libo, MA is a communication consultant based in Durango, Colorado who works with individual clients and writes a blog at She is also the moderator for the Namaste Health Center Book Club Group on Facebook, and can be reached at

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