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The Good Vibrations of Larimar

June 10, 2011


When I think of one stone that represents the feelings of summer its Larimar. Larimar is the quintessential summer gemstone. Remember those times when you were a kid, with nothing to do on a hot summer’s day? You’d lay on the freshly mowed lawn and look up at the sky. Hours could pass as you watched the clouds roll by, imagining the puffy white shapes to be all sorts of creatures. There you are without a care in the world, no concerns about time, just being, in the present moment. That’s the vibrational quality of Larimar.
Larimar is a stone of peaceful tranquility. Its a very soothing and serene stone. Larimar’s energy is calming. It can help reduce excessive fear or anger with its cooling energies. Relaxation is one of the benefits of Larimar. If you can’t go lay in the hammock with a good book and tall glass of ice tea this summer, try holding a piece of Larimar for the same soothing relief.
Larimar  is also known as the stone of the Caribbean that’s where its found, an island in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic. Its beautiful blue color and unique patterns are also reminders of the Caribbean Sea. Whether you live near the ocean, lake, river or town pool, you can imagine yourself floating on a rubber raft. The water gently moving you up & down, difting quietly, half dozing, half awake, sun shining down warming your body, yumm, that is the Larimar vibration.
Larimar is also known as a dolphin stone. I love pairing Larimar beads up with Dolphin charms and Pearls. Just seems like Larimar and Pearl go naturally together to create a feeling of being near the Ocean.
Maybe by now you’re getting the feel for Larimar and why I consider its energy a favorite for summertime fun. I can just hear the Beach Boys signing their summer tune- ” Good, Good, Good Vibrations…”

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