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The Crystal Cottage on Big Pine Key-the place to find your next special crystal

November 10, 2016


Have you been looking for a special crystal? Are you looking for someone to explain to you the healing qualities of a stone, crystal, or special rock? Come to The Crystal Cottage on Big Pine Key, in The Florida Keys and meet Debra Kupchok. She is a certified Crystal Therapist with over 28 years’ experience working with the healing energy of crystals and gemstones.

The Crystal Cottage is her showroom, filled with hundreds of crystals, stones, minerals and healing gemstone jewelry. The Crystal Cottage is THE source for crystals in The Florida Keys. You’ll find many unique and hard to find stones, like Covellite, Phenicite, White Moldavite, alongside old favorites like Amethyst, Citrine, Rose Quartz.

Debra travels to the big gem shows like Tucson and Denver to hand select each and every stone for its quality and price. This is reflected in the variety of what is available.

Debra also designs jewelry using crystals and gemstones tuning into their healing vibrations. Chakra and Healing Jewelry is her specialty. She often creates custom jewelry specific to the needs of the person she is designing for.
If you have a question about what stone is right for you, Debra will surely be able to direct you to a crystal that will be of benefit to you. Not sure what stones you already have? Bring them crystal cottage-displayin for identification and information about how to use them.

Are you looking to join with like-minded people to discuss topics on spirituality, alternative health and conscious living? The Crystal Cottage hosts a weekly Meetup group, Wholistica Community of Big Pine Key, every Monday at 6 pm.

If Reiki is your passion, join the Reiki Share Circles, the first Monday of the month, at 6 pm.

The Crystal Cottage is hidden off of US 1 on Big Pine Key. A little hard to find, but worth the search. It is only open by appointment, so be sure to call or text ahead to schedule your time to browse the vast selection of crystals or join in a community event.

Photo of Debra Kupchok

Debra Kupchok




Here’s what people are saying about The Crystal Cottage:

    “I look forward to your doings at The Crystal Cottage and seeing your expanding product line of crystals, stones, quartz and other magical things. Your Cottage is like a playhouse for me.   Love  it!”
~Valerie, Big Pine Key, FL
     “Stepping into The Crystal Cottage is like going to crystal heaven.”
~Michael, Boulder Colorado
     “It feels so good in here. Can I stay all day?”
~Donna, Big Pine Key, FL


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