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The Colors Of The Heart

February 13, 2013

The colors Pink and Green are most often associated with Love and the Heart Chakra. When I designed my line of Gemstone Chakra Bracelets, I chose the stones Green Aventurine and Pink Rose Quartz to create a Heart opening and balancing chakra bracelet.

stones of the heart


The color Pink emits a soft loving quality to heal the heart of emotional hurts and wounds. Pink Rose Quartz offers us a soft gentle vibration and speaks to us about Love. Love on all level’s. Love for one’s self, one’s life partner, children, friends, community, the Earth and the Divine.


The color green symbolizes health and healing, harmony with nature and abundance. Think for a moment how good you feel when surrounded by the deep green of the forest. Being out in nature has a way of connecting us to our heart chakra, assisting us in feeling open hearted and at one with everyone and everything. This feeling of well being is the vibration of Green Aventurine making it a perfect choice for these Heart balancing chakra bracelets.


The Heart Chakra is located at the center of the chest. This center is associated with the emotion of love. Self love as well as the love we feel for others. It is the place of sharing, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance.


An open heart chakra is expressed by warm, kind and loving actions towards all beings. It’s from the Heart Chakra that we can see the good in others. We experience our oneness with others from our Heart Chakra.


Many people close off their Heart Chakra due to past hurts and wounds of the heart. Healing the heart we find that love is by its very nature unlimited, unconditional and free.

Heart Chakra Bracelet with Rose Quartz & Aventurine


Wearing chakra bracelets combining the energies of gemstones and color therapy is a simple and effective way to balance the Chakra energy system.


From my open heart to yours,



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