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Spring A Time Of Renewal

March 20, 2011

Welcome Spring a time of renewal and counting blessings. Today March 20th 2011 is the first day of Spring.
With all the devastation, destruction  and violence happening on the planet at this time, it feels especially important to take time out to celebrate all the beauty and abundance that is also here for us.
I feel so blessed to be living in the Fl Keys for this Spring Equinox. My morning starts with fresh gentle breezes and bright blue skies.  Cardinals and other song birds sing their arrival as they journey back north. Last night’s full moon was spectacular to see, coming up out of the ocean so big and orange. I left some of my crystals and gemstone outside in the moonlight. One of my favorite ways to cleanse my stones is to put them outside under the full moon.  The energy of the moon light washes away anything that is no longer needed.  I like to leave them out all night and into the next day so they can be charged by the light of the sun.
Our vegetable garden is in full harvest with ripening tomatoes, leafy greens and fresh herbs. Giving thanks for this food that is safe from pesticides and chemicals I’ll make a delicious raw vegetable drink in the blender.
Later today I will teach a Crystal Awareness class. We will look at the  different stones that help us connect to the Angelic Realm This is one of my favorite classes.  Angel stones can act as physical representations of the energies of the Angelic Realm. Certain stones have vibrations that closely match the angels and can be used as a gateway or bridge so that we can more easily enter into the world of angels. Stones can help us to open our inner vision to perceive the angels.
Spring is a time of renewal, re-birth and reconnecting. I’m reminded today to reconnect to all the good in my life, to all that is working in the world.  As I read over Abraham- Hicks quote of the day, I’m taken back to the affirmation to focus on the positive “….. Keep yourself in a place of feeling good. Reach for the thought that feels better — and watch what happens.— Abraham
So whatever you are doing today the first day of Spring or for the next few weeks may you focus on positive goodness and give thanks for all this planet does offer us. Spend some time outdoors and breath deep.
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