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Selling my jewelry at the art fair

March 2, 2009

A beautiful day in the Florida Keys

A beautiful day in the Florida Keys

Selling jewelry, crystals, gemstones and minerals at shows is so much fun. This weekend I displayed my collection of treasures at a local art show, sponsored by the local art gallery “ Artist in Paradise” here on Big Pine Key. The day was warm and breezy, one of those #10 days we like to boast about here in the Keys. Attendance was good as people milled about, perusing the art and crafts of local Keys artists.

What I like so much about exhibiting at art shows is meeting the people who buy my jewelry and stones. Watching the responses as folks pick up a stone or place a necklace around their neck completes the connection for me. We get to talk about how the stones make them feel, what attracts them to a certain piece. I can learn what people are looking for. I often get requests to make up something special for specific occasions or situations.

I’ve been asked to make a special healing necklace for someone who is working at a very stressful job. She said she wanted something to help her remain calm and peaceful, yet at the same time allow her to feel energized so she can get through the work day. Together we chose some gemstone beads, Ruby, Larimar, Kyanite, Rhodocroscite. The combination that was picked was not something that I would have put together based on design or color. This necklace is being designed solely by the different energies of the stones she needs at this time. Not only will it be enjoyable to make, it will offer her some needed energy.

I feel much gratitude to all of those people who passed by my display booth this weekend. Supporting local artists by making the choice to buy handmade items is a priceless experience.

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