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White Nirvana Quartz Crystal

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nirvana crystal

White Nirvana Quartz Crystal


Nirvana Crystals are also known as Ice Crystals because they resemble Ice

Handmade with love in the USA

Product Description

Nirvana Quartz was Discovered in 2004. It is also known as Ice Crystal because it resembles Ice. Nirvana Quartz is found in the Himalayan mountains of India (Kullu Valley) at elevations over 18,000 ft. where glaciers are receding due to global warming. The areas that have melted are now exposing these crystals.

These irregularly formed crystals have craggy crevices, with some smooth faces and are called growth interference crystals.

This Nirvana Quartz measures 1.5 inches long by 1/2 inch wide.

White Nirvana Quartz deepens the connection with your higher self, allowing you to receive ascension level communication from higher frequencies and Higher Beings.

Nirvana Quartz has a mission to attune us to the not yet formed potential of what we can be. They can be conduits for profound inner illuminations and awakening. Nirvana Quartz can bring the meditator into a deep peace and interior silence, assisting to stop the mental chatter. This stone can assist in achieving one’s destiny.

These stones are very unusual and wonderful. A gift from Mother Earth to the people of the world, offering a pathway towards the highest and best future. Assisting in self growth and inner discovery.


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