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Sunstone Necklace with Sunstone Pendant

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sunstone jewelry

Sunstone Necklace with Sunstone Pendant


Sparkling with fire and energy to balance the 2nd chakra

Handmade with love in the USA

Product Description

Feel the warmth and energy from this Sunstone Necklace.

Created with faceted round Sunstone beads, soft peachy pearls and small silver beads, this necklace holds a sparkling faceted Sunstone pendant set in sterling silver.

Necklace length is 19 inches

Comes in a gift box

Sunstone- Naturally vibrates to the Solar Rays of the Sun. Sunstone represents leadership and the ability to utilize knowledge and wisdom for the highest good of all. A useful stone to use in meditation to help in realizing the highest path of any action or situation. Sunstone is a stone of prosperity, assisting in manifestation on all levels, including knowledge and wisdom by helping to align the mind’s inspirations with the heart’s wisdom.

Sunstone balances the 2nd chakra

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