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Sunset Sodalite Cabochon

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sunset sodalite

Sunset Sodalite Cabochon


It would be perfect for using in a crystal grid as it can direct energy on both ends

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Handmade with love in the USA

Product Description

Here is a tear drop Sunset Sodalite Cabochon.
It’s a striking mix of Blue Sodalite and Orange Oligoclase Feldspar also known as Sunstone.

Can you see this stone set or wire wrapped into a piece of jewelry?
It is polished on all sides

It would be perfect for using in a crystal grid as a center stone to direct energy.

Or use it in crystal healing layouts, meditation or to inspire creativity.

The blending of these two minerals offers us insight into the deepest parts of ourselves and connects us to our intuition and mental abilities while helping us to connect to the source of our creativity.

A great stone for writers and artists as it assists in finding one’s creative expression.

This cabochon is 35 mm x 25 mm

Weighs 8 grams

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