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Small Carnelian Heart

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Carnelian hearts

Small Carnelian Heart


Carnelian is known as a stone for motivation and endurance.

Handmade with love in the USA

Product Description

You will receive one orange Carnelian heart.

These hearts are the perfect size for gift giving or carrying in your pocket when you need that extra boost of energy or confidence.

Carnelian is a stone for confidence.

With its fiery, creative, energy it’s the stone to get things going.

Need a little inspiration to get yourself to the gym? Carnelian will motivate you to get going.

Carnelian with its vibrant warm color and super powerful energy, is known as a stone for motivation and endurance.

Carnelian helps up step into a leadership role. Carnelian can ignite creativity and bring life force energy to those creative projects


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