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Rose Quartz Crystal Cluster

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rose quartz crystal

Rose Quartz Crystal Cluster


This is a natural Rose Quartz Crystal Cluster

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Handmade with love in the USA

Product Description

I know you hear the term “rare” said often when describing crystals and stones.
In case in is certainly true.
Natural Rose Quartz crystal clusters are VERY rare indeed.

Rose Quartz is a very popular and common stone, but when it forms into crystals with terminations it is extremely rare.

This long Rose Quartz cluster comes from Brazil, Mineas Gerais.

This specimen is so precious to hold.
It has absolutely exquisite sparkling terminations all around it.
It lays flat on the bottom.
The cluster moves from white into pink.
Photos just can’t capture its natural beauty, but I tried!

It weighs 19 grams
Measures 73mm x 30 mm
This crystal has not been treated in any way. It is a natural Rose Quartz Crystal Cluster

Jewelry makers take not this crystal would be a awesome pendant if wire wrapped or set into jewelry

In all my years of buying and selling stones (30 plus years) I only come across these precious gems every 8-10 years. They just aren’t always available.
I was delighted to find a source for these beautiful forms of Rose Quartz during my last buying trip so I can offer them to you.

Please note these crystals are sensitive to light, so it’s best not to place them in direct sunlight or by an window. They will fade.

Rose Quartz – Known as the Stone of Love. It is a stone for the heart as it opens the Heart Chakra. It teaches us about love on all levels, self love, romantic love, love for all humankind.
It can help draw in new love or relationships. It can strengthen a bond that already exits. It encourages self forgiveness. It can help to heal a “broken heart.”

Truly a special crystal!

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