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Rhodocrosite Slice

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Rhodocrosite Slice


Rhodocrosite helps us find the courage to pursue our dreams

Handmade with love in the USA

Product Description

I cut and polished this flat piece of Rhodocrosite myself.
I polished it on both sides sides.

The color and banded pattern in this stone is gemmy and beautiful on either sides

It measures approximately 65 mm x 38 mm x 8 mm
Weighs 34 grams

It’s perfect as is or make it into a sweet piece of jewelry.

Rhodocrosite is known as a Gratitude Stone. Offering feelings of peace, love & joy.

It is a powerful heart healing stone. Rhodocrosite aids in healing emotional wounds, especially if there has been past trauma surrounding love issues. It assists one in expressing love and affection.

It can help one find the courage to pursue ones dreams.
It helps to reawaken the heart and relieve painful emotional memories.
It can bring out the child nature

~I am a certified Crystal Healer & Therapist with 30 years experience working with crystals.
It is my passion to offer you the best quality crystals with the highest vibration.

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