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Natural Black Tourmaline Crystal with Quartz Crystals

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black tourmaline crystal

Natural Black Tourmaline Crystal with Quartz Crystals


This Black Tourmaline Crystal would make a great protection stone

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Handmade with love in the USA

Product Description

Beautifully terminated this natural Black Tourmaline Crystal is AAA quality.

Check out the Quartz crystals that are growing out from the crystal, making this a very special stone.

All natural, not polished or cut. This stone has a natural smooth and polished look to it.
A beautiful specimen of  Black Tourmaline from Namibia

Black Tourmaline – Is a powerful protection stones as it can both repel and protect against negativity.

It acts to protect one from being victimized by the negative energy of another. It can also deflect negative energy turning it back to where it has come from.

Clear Quartz is an energy amplifier. It magnifies energy. It can be programmed to hold intention and assist in the manifestation of the focused intent. A powerful meditation tool. Useful as a dream stone, assisting in remembering and interpreting dreams.

This stone is wonderful for giving support to any situation in life.

It would make the perfect gift for someone who loves crystals and is looking for an unique stone to add to their collection.

This crystal is 1.5 inches x .75 inches
Fits perfectly in the hand.



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