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Larimar Slice, natural and unpolished

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Larimar Slice, natural and unpolished


Larimar is also known as the “Dolphin Stone”

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Handmade with love in the USA

Product Description

Ahhh, Larimar. It always brings me a sense of calm and peacefulness, like looking up at the blue sky and watching the clouds pass by.
Larimar is known as a Goddess Stone

This is a thick cut of natural Larimar. It is unpolished.
It weighs 44 grams
You could easily cut this stone into cabochons for jewelry or keep it as a special meditation or healing stone.
Place it at the throat chakra, to assist you contacting the power of clear communication.

Larimar- is sometimes called the stone of the Caribbean because of where it is found, the Dominican Republic and also for its blue color.
It is a very soothing and serene stone, able to calm and relax the emotions. It can bring peace and calm to any situation. It supports a state of well being and reminds us that all is well.

Larimar is also known as the “Dolphin Stone”

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