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Natural Lithium Quartz, Lithium Crystal

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lithium quartz crystal

Natural Lithium Quartz, Lithium Crystal


Bring your body, mind and spirit back into perfect alignment with this calming stone.

Handmade with love in the USA

Product Description

This natural Lithium Quartz Crystal is raw and unpolished.
You can easily see the lithium inside the crystal, giving it the purplish color.

This large crystal has the perfect indentation to place your thumb to use as a healing crystal tool to direct energy.

I love working with Lithium Quartz as its energy is so peaceful and soothing.
It is a perfect stone to hold when worry and anxiety creep into life.
It is also helpful to hold Lithium Quartz for a peaceful and restful sleep.

Lithium Quartz is found in Brazil

This is the exact crystal you will receive. It measures 3.5 inches long 1.25 inches wide
It weighs: 133 grams

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