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Lapis & Quartz Bracelet

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Lapis & Quartz Bracelet


Tap into your creative potential with this Lapis & Quartz Bracelet

Handmade with love in the USA

Product Description

This Lapis & Quartz bracelet was created to stimulate visionary awareness and reveal inner vision opening a space for self expression and creativity to thrive.

The combination of Quartz with Lapis can release creative blocks as it opens consciousness and widens perspectives. This would be a beneficial bracelet for anyone suffering from “writers block” or anyone who’s lost their drive and inspiration in any form of creative endeavor.

It can help to move out of the mundane mind into an expanded state of awareness where all creativity begins. Move beyond your limitations, open to expression.

Lapis, a power stone for the throat chakra

Fabulous dark blue Lapis beads are used with clear Quartz Crystal beads. A finely detailed sterling silver bead sits in the center with sterling silver Bali beads and sterling silver clasp.


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