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High Vibrational Natural Moldavite Pendant on Jade Beads set in Sterling Silver

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Moldavite jewelry

High Vibrational Natural Moldavite Pendant on Jade Beads set in Sterling Silver


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Product Description

Dark green Jade beads make up the perfect necklace for this sweet, natural Moldavite pendant to hang from.

The Moldavite pendant is set in Sterling Silver. The Moldavite in the pendant is made with a polished, natural piece of Moldavite and left open on the back side, so you can easily feel its high vibrational energy.

4 mm Jade beads make up the necklace with sterling silver clasp.

Necklace length: 17 inches
Pendant length: 1 inches
Comes in a gift box

Moldavite is a tektite found in the Czech Republic. It is often called “the stone that fell from the sky”. There are three theories of how it was formed. One theory suggests that Moldavite is made from an earthly rock melted by the heat of a meteorite crash. Another theory suggests that Moldavite is from extraterrestrial origin, like obsidian ejected by a lunar volcano. A third theory suggests that Moldative is a fusion of meteorite material and rock from the earth that was vaporized in tremendous heat from the impact of the meteor. The heat of the explosion resulted in gas being propelled high into the atmosphere. This gas would have cooled and condensed into a liquid glass, resulting in Moldavite. Regardless of which theory is correct, the fact is Moldavite was created from tremendous power and did fall from the sky. Moldavite is one of the few tektites that is of gem quality, it can be cut and faceted into beautiful jewelry.

Moldavite is a gemstone for transformation on all levels. It can be seen as a catalyst for shifts in one’s life, physical, emotional, or spiritual. It can open and activate all the Chakras allowing for powerful activations. It has a strong relationship to the heart Chakra. Moldavite is a stone that can help move you forward on your spiritual path to awakening. It can assist one to fully awaken to their highest destiny. Moldavite is a powerful tool for meditation and dream work.
If you’re stuck in a rut, can’t make the changes you know are good for you, or just aren’t sure what’s next in your life, Moldavite can assist in moving you forward into the next highest place. Its a powerful allay for these changing times.

Read more about Moldavite, check out my crystal blog:


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