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Flourite Heart Pendant

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flourite heart

Flourite Heart Pendant


Flourite is known for its calming vibration

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Handmade with love in the USA

Product Description

Flourite comes in many colors.
This gemstone pendant is made with rainbow Flourite, varying shades of greens and purples, all natural coloring.

The Flourite heart is set in sterling silver, with a large bail making it easy to fit on any silver chain or Omega chain.

This is a large pendant.
2 inches tall including the bail
1.5 inches wide
The back is left open to let the light come in and to feel the cooling energies of the Flourite.

Flourite is known for its calming vibration. I often call Flourite the ” Cool, Calm, Collected” stone as its energy helps us to remain cool and calm in difficult situations. It has a gentle way of bringing us back to our center when things go awry. Its also great for hot flashes, bringing a cooling sensation to those energy surges.

I love the color combination of green and purples.

Comes in its own gift box

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