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Earth Healing Crystal Grid, Crystal Grid, Crystal Kit

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crystal grid

Earth Healing Crystal Grid, Crystal Grid, Crystal Kit


If purchased separately $40.00

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Handmade with love in the USA

Product Description

This crystal grid set was put together with the intention of Earth Healing.
All the stones chosen for this crystal kit were chosen to help focus energy on healing Mother Earth.

Now more than ever we need to re-dedicate being good stewards to our Mother Earth.
Crystals offer a way to give healing back to the Earth.

Crystal grids use gemstones and crystals placed in a geometric pattern with intention and consciousness.
The stones work synergistically together to create an energy field to vibrationally set intention.

You will receive these exact stones to create the crystal grid:

Center Stone: Chrysocolla, representing the Earth
4 Red Stones, Red Jasper, grounding energy, nature vibrations
4 Clear Quartz Crystals to amplify the energy of the grid
4 Healerite (Serpentine) to offer healing
2 Black Obsidian to offer protection

You will receive an instruction sheet with description on how to use a crystal grid

If purchased separate these stones would cost: $40.00
Buy the Crystal Set for $29.00!


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