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Calcite Crystal Cluster With Twin Crystals

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calcite crystal

Calcite Crystal Cluster With Twin Crystals


This would be a perfect addition to any mineral or crystal collection.

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Handmade with love in the USA

Product Description

Have you ever seen Calcite laser crystals before?

This natural Calcite crystal was a real find.
I discover these crystals at a Rock show in Colorado.
The man I purchased them from traded for them with the Mineralogical Museum in Secorro, NM.
They came from an old collection and are no longer being mined.
They were found in Rodeo, Durango Mexico. They were part of the museum’s Calcite collection.

This special Calcite crystal is very clear and transparent. It has a laser formation, narrow at the tip and wider at the bottom.
It has similar markings to the Lemurian Quartz Crystals I’ve seen from Brazil.
There is a smaller crystal attached making this stunning Calcite crystal a twin.

This would be a perfect stone to use for directing energy and opening blockages.

This crystal measures 2 inches by 1 inches at its widest point.
Weighs 18 grams

Calcite– is a refreshing, revitalizing energy. It opens blockages and activates the energy centers.
Calcite helps us move past limitations and obstacles as it brings clarity and restores flowing energy to any circumstance or situation.
Calcite offers a gently yet effective energy for healing.
When life feels stale and stagnant reach for the soothing, cooling vibration of Calcite. It is a manifestation stone.

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