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Brandburg Double Terminated Amethyst Crystal

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brandburg crystal

Brandburg Double Terminated Amethyst Crystal


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Handmade with love in the USA

Product Description

This is an exceptionally clear, bright double terminated Brandburg Amethyst Crystal.
The Crystal is natural, uncut, raw and unpolished, yet it has it’s own vibrancy, smoothness and clarity.

Brandburgs are a special type of Quartz Crystal coming from the Brandburg Mountains in South Africa

This crystal measures 4inches long by 1  inch wide.

Judy Hall, author of “The Crystal Bible” says, “If you can only have one crystal, make it a Brandenburg. It does all you ask and more than you ever dreamed possible…..It is the key to planetary healing and the expansion process. Holding a Brandenburg takes you into the most perfect energetic state possible. It sets your soul free to fulfill your present life sol purpose.”

This stone would be perfect for holding while meditating to bring you into higher states of awareness.

A truly special crystal because it is double terminated, meaning it has points on both ends of the crystal. Open to receive and send energy at the same time.




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