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Aquamarine Necklace with Aquamarine Crystal and White Pearls

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aquamarine necklace

Aquamarine Necklace with Aquamarine Crystal and White Pearls


Aquamarine is the birthstone for March

Handmade with love in the USA

Product Description

Did you know that Aquamarine is known as the Mermaid Stone?
Legend has it that the gemstone Aquamarine is a gift to humankind from the Mermaids.

I placed a beautiful Aquamarine Crystal Bead onto a strand of 4 mm light blue Aquamarine beads and 4mm oval white Pearls.
A sterling silver lobster clasp makes it easy to get on and off.

Aqua Marine is the Birthstone for all those born in March.

Aquamarine’s luminous blue /green color offers a cooling, calming yet alert energy. Aquamarine is a stone for clearing and activating the throat chakra.
It assists one in speaking their truth. Aquamarine helps in balancing anger into expression.
It is helpful for hot flashes as it offers a cooling energy.
Aquamarine is used by those traveling on the water as a stone of protection and safety.

This necklace was made to wear as a choker-Necklace length: 15.5 inches
Comes in its own gift box

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