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Aqua Aura Pendant

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aqua aura pendant

Aqua Aura Pendant


Aqua Aura Pendant with 6 pointed star in sterling silver

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Handmade with love in the USA

Product Description

A lovely Aqua Aura Pendant is cut in the shape of a 6 pointed star and set in sterling silver
Pendant length: 1 1/2 inches

Aqua Aura is created by taking clear quartz crystals and infusing them with a pure Gold powder. This special treatment process bonds the surface of the crystal with the vaporized Gold creating the vivid blue color of Aqua Aura. This process is a fusion of nature and science. It is often mistaken for fine quality Aquamarine.

Aqua Aura is known as a throat chakra stone, opening the pathways to communication and expression.

Aqua Aura seems to stimulate interspecies communication between humans and dolphins. If you are attracted to the Ocean or Dolphins and long for a peaceful easy feeling, perhaps Aqua Aura will put you under its spell.

Robert Simmons, author of The Book of Stones writes, “Aqua Aura Quartz can be used to soothe anger, cool feverishness, and release stress. It is strongly connected to the element of water, and it is therefore a stones for enhancing one’s access to the truth of the emotions and the portals of Spirit which are accessed through the emotions.”

Wear this Aqua Aura pendant on your favorite silver chain


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