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Amethyst Lotus Pendant on Faceted Purple Glass Crystal Beads

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lotus necklace

Amethyst Lotus Pendant on Faceted Purple Glass Crystal Beads


Comes in a gift box

Handmade with love in the USA

Product Description

Need some bling in your life?

This necklace sparkles, shines and shimmers in the light

A Spiral design lotus pendant with a tear drop faceted Amethyst sits on a strand of glistening, iridescent purple faceted beads, with a sterling silver clasp

Necklace length:19 inches

Comes in a gift box

Amethyst – A stone of spirituality and intuition. Can assist one in listening to the inner voice. A stone for spiritual protection and purification.

Useful for meditation and gaining insight. Can aid in over indulgence and addictions.

The lotus flower is special in so many ways.
This many petaled flower is often found growing in dirty, muddy water, where it reaches beyond the muck to float on top of the water displaying its beauty. This symbolizes our own personal journey of growing out of difficult or painful situations to reach our true, loving, radiant nature.
Just as the Lotus can grow in difficult environments, we too can preserve and retain our inner beauty no matter what outer situations may bring. Even when the Lotus flower’s roots are in the dirtiest waters, it produces a spectacular flower.

Learn more about the Lotus Flower on my blog:


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