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Practicing Yoga By The Lake

July 13, 2010

The  early morning sunlight filters through the Gambel Oaks and Ponderosa  Trees.  The hummingbirds are already active, searching for anything red, including my bandana.  There is a deep quite, a peace in these woods. I take my yoga mat down by the lake.  Big mountain views greet me. The lake is reflective this morning, gentle  ripples creating never ending patterns. I place my yoga mat on the grass, in the sun, craving the warmth. The  cool mountain air brings a chill to my still sleepy body.  As  I begin my yoga  practice I face the sun in the east and begin doing Sun Salutations ( Surya Namaskar), sweeping my arms up over my head, reaching towards the sun, giving thanks for the warmth it provides, shining light on these beautiful grasses that surround this mountain lake.  I bow down towards the earth, connecting to the Mother who provides me with everything I need.  As I bring my hands back together in Namaste I give thanks for this day. My heart opens to the beauty that surrounds me.  I feel so awake. I turn to the south and repeat the asana, welcoming a different view of the lake and its surrounding beauty.  Each time I turn to a different direction I am greeted by a deep sense of appreciation for  the beauty that is here.  I complete the Sun Salutations in all 4 directions.  I feel revitalized and deeply connected to the spectacular  natural setting I am witness to this morning.   Nature inspires me,  ideas run through my head for necklace designs reflecting what  I see before me on this early July morning.
Reflections from my camping trip to Vallecito Lake in the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado. Vallecito lake is at 8000ft elevation.
This Amber necklace was inspired by Sun Salutations and is available for sale from my web site:

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