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Pink & Green Tourmaline Heart Opening Gemstones

August 4, 2011


Heart Opening Necklace with Tourmaline

I love it when my Yoga Practice inspires a necklaces design. The other day I was practicing some Heart Opening Yoga poses. I was moving into a pose called “the Camel”. Reaching back to touch my feet, I could feel the stretch in my body and spontaneous began to focus on the healing energies of pink and green Tourmaline.
When my yoga practice was finished I went into my bead studio and found a stunning Tourmaline Pendant. It had both the green and pink Tourmaline stones. Next I found a strand of faceted multi-color Tourmalines to string the heart opening pendant onto. Both pink and green Tourmaline are known as Heart Chakra Stones. Tourmaline has a soothing energy for the heart and can facilitate forgiveness and emotional healing.
It’s natural to put up a protective shield around our Heart Chakra to avoid pain from loss. This shield can also prevent us from getting close to people. By opening our Heart Chakra we can transform the wounds of the heart into compassion, and allow more love and joy to come into our lives. Sometimes its compassion for ourselves we need to explore. Forgiveness often begins with forgiving ourselves. Tourmaline has a wonderful energy to assist in this process. Our deepest wounds can be opportunities for growth, self discovery and transformation. Pink and Green Tourmaline is all about helping us to open our heart chakra to experience the natural radiance of the heart.
Now when I do back bends and heart opening yoga poses, I am reminded of the heart healing qualities of Tourmaline. Remember to breath deep, open your rib cage, and allow the heart to expand. It feels so good!

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