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Peaceful Larimar

January 9, 2009

peaceful-larimar-1I received a massage yesterday. As I was laying on the massage table, feeling all the tight and tense spots my therapist was hitting I started remembering all the busyness I have been involved in over the past 2 months. Wow, it all came rushing past my mind. All the activity, all the doing, it was exhausting. This wasn’t what I wanted to be thinking about during my massage! Working with my breath to get past the soreness in my body, I began to relax more and more. I stayed focused on my breathing the same way I do during meditation, letting all the busyness float through my mind, instead of re- living it. Towards the end of the massage I really could feel a sense of peace within my body and my mind was much calmer. It felt so delicious. As I climbed off the massage table I felt the urge to find a gemstone that would offer me this same calm, peaceful feeling. Later that night, after dinner I started looking through some necklaces I had created over the last several months. My “show” necklaces. These are pieces of jewelry that are not yet on my web site, but are displayed when am I at art shows, and metaphysical shows. As soon as I came upon two Larimar necklaces I stopped. Picking them up I instantly began to connect to the peaceful feeling I had during my massage. I love the soft blue colors of Larimar and have always felt its peaceful and serene energies. I describe Larimar as the “stone of peace” because it offers such a peaceful vibration. You know the feeling, like when you are laying down on the ground, looking up at the sky, just watching the clouds pass you by. Watching the clouds drift and form and re-form shapes, some recognizable others abstract. No where to go, just laying back and cloud watching. That is the feeling I get from Larimar. Placing one of the necklaces around my neck, I was instantly brought back to my massage earlier in the day. I can’t take the necklace off, even today, it offers me the calm and peace I want to feel after a busy Holiday season. Peaceful Larimar, so calming. I might just have to go off to the beach and watch some clouds…..

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