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Our Winter Solstice Celebration at The Crystal Cottage

December 19, 2013

This year I’m hosting a Winter Solstice Celebration at The Crystal Cottage for friends and the 598528_511788062184880_496775039_n[1]community to come together to share in welcoming in the light.

For many, the Winter Solstice is considered to be the beginning of the new year as the days now begin to grow longer. We’ve made it through the shortest, or darkest time of the year.

The Winter Solstice is a great time to reflect on our own lives and how we have made it through the dark times and now we can move forward into the light.

 We will create sacred space by burning white sage as a cleansing ritual and everyone will gather together with an open heart.

Together we’ll share in a Solstice Ritual exploring:

  • What we have learned this year.
  • What were some of our greatest challenges.
  • What were some of our greatest gifts
  • What intentions would we like to put forward for the next phase of our lives?
  • What are we ready to let go, knowing it no longer serves our well being or that of others close to us.

 Everyone is invited to take some time to write their reflections down on paper and share with the group their revelations.

Later when we go sit by the fire we can give witness to each other as we place this paper into the fire in a symbolic gesture of letting go.

We will create an altar, lighting candles and placing crystals on the altar as we speak out  solstice altar-1loud our intentions for this next phase of our lives and for the planet. There is much power as we speak aloud these hope, wishes and intentions for peace, gratitude, love, forgiveness.

There are many in our community that have Crystal singing bowls and we will play the bowls during this part of the ritual, creating a vibrational sound healing.

The Crystals will hold the intentions we have made and will go home with us so we can carry the positive energy of this night with us.

 We’ll share healthy food and kind friendship on this shortest night of the year.

 The Crystal Cottage is a place to come together on Big Pine Key, FL for classes, workshops, movies, healing energy sessions, sound healing. The Cottage is a source for our local community for high vibrational crystals, gemstones, healing jewelry and tools for personal and spiritual development. It is filled with healing crystals & stones and a perfect space for a Solstice Celebration.  The 2013 celebration is Saturday, Dec. 21st starting at 5 pm.

 The Winter Solstice is the time for the releasing. Let go of debts owed to you, of grudges and hurt feelings, emotional wounds and petty grievances. Winter Solstice Ceremonies help us to release the burdens of the year past so that we may step into the new year free of burdens and attachments.

The winter Solstice is a time of opening to new direction, insights and blessings.

 If you don’t have a group to join this Solstice, you can have your own Winter Solstice Ceremony. Just follow some of suggestions we’ll be doing. The key to all of this is your intention. With a open heart and pure intention you can have a Winter Solstice celebration anywhere.

“As we approach the Solstice we go inward and with grateful hearts we call on the light of illumination and awakening.”

Happy Solstice, Debra

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