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New Quartz Crystal Collection

July 21, 2011

Smoky Quartz

Well, I’ve done it again! I just acquired a collection of crystals and stones from a private collector. Buying stones from a private collector is much different than buying stones from professional dealers. Dealers carry great quantities of stones and selection, but the stones aren’t always good quality. Often I will look at hundreds of stones before I make a purchase because the quality and energy vibration just isn’t up to my standard. Prices from dealers are at current market rate which always seems to go higher and higher each year.
The benefits from buying crystals from a private collector is that each stone is hand picked one at a time, rather than bulk purchasing. Many dealers buy barrels of stones at a time. Literally tons of rocks to get their best price.
This most recent collection comes from someone who carefully selected his stones, purchasing only the very best over a period of many years. The prices I bought them at reflect that. Of course I always pass the deals on to my customers. If I get a good deal, they do too. I can now add to my vast collection a truly remarkable selection of Quartz Crystals, Herkimer Diamonds, Museum grade Moldavite and much more.
I was very interested in purchasing this collection because I offer a Crystal Awareness class on all the different forms of Quartz Crystals. In that class we look at the many different varieties of Quartz and how to identify and work with these unique shapes as tools for healing and personal growth. Many of these new stones are perfect representations of the abundant forms of Crystals. As it turns out each form of a Quartz Crystal can assist us in a specific way. Just like the snowflake no two crystals are ever alike. For example, a Double Terminated Crystal has the ability to receive energy and send energy at the same time, making a strong connection between two people. Double terminated crystals are wonderful for absentee Reiki healing.
This new collection contained many Double Terminated Crystals as well as Laser wands, Lemurian Crystals, Smokey Quartz and water clear Herkimer Diamonds.
I’ve been putting some of these new stones on my web site. But photos don’t really capture the quality and pure vibrational energy of these stones. They’ve been cleansed by the full moon and charged with the Sun. They don’t seem to want to be wrapped up and put in boxes. They are all laying out on my massage table, so I can continue to admire their beauty. For now, my Crystal Room is buzzing and so am I!

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