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Namaste: Its Meaning and Origin

September 4, 2012

Namaste Copper Pendant with GemstonesYou’ve heard the word Namaste before, maybe in your Yoga Class. But do you know what it means and where it comes from?
I often use Namaste in my Yoga Jewelry designs, so I decided to do a little research to find out its origins and meaning.
Namaste, pronounced ” na-ma-stay” is both a spoken expression and a symbolic gesture that people use when greeting one another or in parting. The word comes from the Sanskrit and translates as “I bow to you”.
According to wikipedia, namah means bow, te means to you. Namaste is commonly translated in several ways. I most often hear it expressed as “the divine light in me honors the divine light in you”, “the God within me greets the God within you” or “the spirit in me meets the same spirit in you”.
When used as a hand gesture the palms of the hands come together over the Heart Chakra in a prayer position, with the head slightly lowered as you say Namaste to the person you are greeting. You may also start by putting your hands together and placing them on your by your 3rd Eye Chakra (forehead), slightly bow and than bring the hands to the heart chakra. This is a symbol of deep respect. I’ve also come across a third gesture of Namaste. This form, of placing the prayer hands over the top of the head, is only used to honor God or spiritual gurus. This gesture shows the most reverence.
According to Indian tradition, bringing the hands together in a prayer position is a symbolic gesture that represents the higher self and acknowledges the divine within. The right hand represents the higher self and the left hand represents the lower self. When putting the two palms together these two aspects of ourselves come together and connect with the person we are greeting. Bowing expresses love and respect.
Namaste is a gesture of respect and can be used by any person no matter what their religious or spiritual belief is. Namasté is the recognition that we are all equal and share a common divinity.
Many yoga instructors close their classes by performing namaste as a sign of appreciation and honor for their students, inviting them to connect with their own heart and truth. Namaste can be simply used as a greeting, like saying “hi” or “hello” Try using it, see it as another way of connecting with your friend or loved one.
As Namaste becomes popularized in our modern culture, I’m finding more interesting and unique charms and pendants to incorporate into my gemstone jewelry designs. It’s a great way to wear this symbol of respect which represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within each of us.
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Namaste Charm Pendant

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