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Music to design jewelry by

April 2, 2009

New OM necklace

New OM necklace

I always listen to wonderful music while I am creating my gemstone jewelry.  I usually prefer soothing, calm melodies which help me stay focused on the energies of the gemstones.  I love playing chant music and Deva Premal is my favorite.  Today I just couldn’t find the right mix to get me motivated in creating new jewelry pieces to replace the ones that have sold on the web site.  So I decided to go through my CD collection and dig out some music I hadn’t listened to in some time.  While I was at it, I cleared out many old CDs I knew I no longer wanted listen to.  You know the ones, you put the CD into the player get to the second or third selection and take it off.  “How could I ever have purchased that one!?”  We may be past the Spring Equinox but  I chose today to do some spring cleaning.  I always enjoy these days when I go around and clear out the old, packing it up to take to the Salvation Army or thrift stores. On an energetic level it is so helpful to my work space to clear out things that no longer serve me.   

I found the right combination of music to listen to today and  beaded the whole afternoon creating new jewelry with some beautiful high energy gemstone beads and pendants. 

Here’s the mix that helped me create  new Yoga Jewelry today

  • Migration by Peter Kater & Carols Nakai
  • Dance of Life by Deva Premal & Mitten
  • Asian Lounge from the Putumayo Collection
  • Call of the Mystic by Karnunesh
  • Yoga Ragas by Manose( the flute player for Deva Premal)

Whats your favorite music for meditation or yoga?

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