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Meet Charles Mark- The Source For Larimar And Shamanite

September 28, 2014

Meet Charles Mark, from Mountain Mark Trading one of the many faces I see each year at the Denver Gem Show. I’ve been buying stones from Charlie Mark since I open my first retail store in Big Pine Key, Fl, The Crystal Loft, in 1991.    Larimar

Charlie is the sources for everything Larimar, jewelry, beads, cabs, rough and carvings. The very first time I meet Charlie he gifted me with a large Larimar stone and I was hooked on “The Gemstone of the Caribbean”. Charlie is a pioneer in the world of Larimar, bringing this beautiful, calming stone to the world back in the mid 1980’s. Being a member of the G.I.A ( Gemological Institute of America), Charlie had the opportunity early on to bring Larimar, also known as Blue Pectolite for study with the gemologists and with that information told the world about this remarkable gemstone.

Larimar is found in only one place on the planet. The Dominican Republic. With a hardness of 5.5 to 7. It grows in aggregates of needle like crystals, grown together in a solid mass. Larimar is characterize as by its’ dramatic patterns of sky blue, blue-green and white. It forms in cavities within basaltic lava.

Charlie has the honor of being the only international member and representative for the “Dominican Republic Larimar Cooperative”. The rest of the members are all from the Dominican Republic. Charlie has taken an active role to help improve the safety conditions and economy of the mining families that go in search of this precious stone. Charlie told me that the Larimar is often found 200 ft deep into the earth. The miner’s must bring the heavy stone up to the surface in buckets, hand carrying each bucket one at a time. It is found in the mountains at 3,000 ft. elevation. During the rainy months the mines flood and the work has to end for the season.

I love Larimar for is calming effects. Larimar is a stone of peaceful tranquility. It’s a very soothing and serene stone. Larimar’s energy is calming. It can help reduce excessive fear or anger with its cooling energies. Relaxation is one of the benefits of Larimar. To read more about Larimar see my past blog post

But Larimar isn’t the only stone that Charlie Mark has brought to the world market. More recently in 2005 Charlie was introduced to Shamanite, a rare form of Black Calcite from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. He had this stone scientifically researched and discovered that this form of Calcite is 540 million years old!

Shamanite contains primitive shell inclusions that are often so small you need a microscope to see them. It was found that Shamanite is made up of Carbon, Chalcocite, Pyrite, Baryte, Zircon and rare Othoclase and small shelly fossils, making this new discovery a Palezoic rarity.     shamanite

Shamanite has a lustrous black color and is harder than most calcite making it a perfect stone for carving, beads and cabochons. Shamanite is believed to be used by Native Americans for centuries for ceremonial objects. Shamanite has often been mistaken for Jet. Its color ranges from inky-black to a smoky taupe and mocha-brown. Shamanite is sometimes called “Toho”(Mountain Lion”) by tribal healers and artists. To read more about Shamanite, please see my blog post

In reading Robert Simmons book, “Stones for the New Consciousness”, he writes that Shamanite can be very useful for initiating shamanic journeys and it can help one to connect inwardly with power animals and spirit guides. It is a stone of the ancestors, aiding in communication with spiritual elders and guides on the other side as well as loved ones who have passed. It is a stone of soul retrieval. Shamanite offers spiritual protection to those who simply wear or carry it.

What I enjoy about Shamanite is its protective qualities. It feels very comfortable and familiar to me like a well-worn coat that serves to keep me warm and protected from the cold.

It is very gentle to the touch even though it is hard, it has a soft feel to it. I like to rub its surface like a worry stone, turning the stone over and over in my hand.

So next time you hold or wear a piece of lovely Larimar or discover “The Stone of the Ancients” you can thank Charles Mark for putting these two stones into the global spot light.

Both Larimar and Shamanite can be found on my web site.

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