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October 9, 2013

I’m delighted to welcome guest blogger Sheri Seay to my Crystal Blog. She writes a very personal article on being a Reiki Practitioner. Sheri will be offering a Reiki level 1 training at The Crystal Cottage in Big Pine Key, FL in November

In June, I celebrated my 9th anniversary as a Reiki Practitioner. I had no idea how my life would be so magically impacted by this one decision to become a Reiki Master.

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I can still remember my Reiki I Class. I remember my Reiki Master, how organized she was and how her words flowed as she described the things we would be learning. I remember my classmates, each of us seeking the higher aspects. I remember me; or at least the version of me that I was then. I remember being excited. I had done my reading. I had researched, experienced several Reiki sessions with different practitioners, and spent hours in meditation & quiet contemplation with my higher self. I was certain that this was my direction. I had read about all of the promise that a life with Reiki held for me.
Reiki is a metaphysical system for healing and well-being; a technique, if you will. It has guidelines, principals, a mantra, and ideals. For the practitioner, it is a foundation, and like all foundations, it is meant to be built upon. In the beginning I would “use” Reiki. It was new and I would have to have intention when using it. I would turn it on and off. No longer is that true for me. Now I “live” Reiki. It has become part of my daily life. It is very natural and has actually become a part of who I am.

Reiki is a mood and an attitude. It is about service and humility. Reiki is Divine love, Divine power, and Divine wisdom. I use that love, power and wisdom from the moment I wake up. I believe the Reiki energy harmonizes my physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. This allows me to be more grounded, more centered, more balanced. I have boundaries that I am comfortable with and yet my heart can remain open, compassionate, and mindful to holding space for love and light to enter the world.

I send Reiki blessings to my food, my family, my meditation, my exercise, my decisions, my relationships, my job… there is no place that Reiki is inappropriate. Reiki is it’s own higher intelligence. It directs itself to heal where healing is needed so that a life filled with joy, peace, abundant health and prosperity can be a reality. Does that mean that my life is free of struggle? Not by a long shot. The human experience is full of lessons. We learn and grow as we experience life. Reiki will not interfere with the karmic contract, but it does allow me a practical way to examine an issue and provide guidance into what is needed to solve it.

Reiki sessions, including self treatments, provide an excellent environment in which to nurture and cultivate the relationship with the higher self. This can guide you to make wise decisions about how to live your life. Reiki can help to facilitate a place to safely release things that are no longer needed; things that can create pain and suffering, things that weigh us down or hold us back. Reiki can help to move you into a place of allowing yourself to be open to receiving the divine bounty that is yours and allow a life of greater happiness and fulfillment to emerge.

You can only learn so much by reading about Reiki. If you have never had a Reiki session, my best advice is to have one. If you live in the Florida Keys, I would be happy to see you for a Reiki treatment. Wherever you live you can seek out a working practitioner or master in your area. To really appreciate Reiki and all that it holds for you, you will have to experience it for yourself.       Reiki class
Sheri Seay is a Reiki Master Healer & Teacher, Violet Flame practitioner, essential oil guide. She sees clients andstudents by appointment at her home in the Florida Keys where she lives with her husband and youngest daughter. Email her for more information about her Reiki Practice. .


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Brandy December 29, 2013 at 9:47 pm

Hi there!! My sister is visiting from out of town until the 2nd and I was looking for some kind of metaphysical/spiritual event or healing session and came across this article. Do you still take clients for reiki healing sessions? And how much is the cost for my twin sister and I?
thank you


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