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John of God Crystals

August 25, 2018

John of God CrystalI’m so delighted to be offering for sale The John of God Crystals. I’ve never been to Brazil to see John of God at his healing clinic in Abadiania Brazil, but I have spoken with many who have. They all talk about how peaceful and healing it is at the Casa de Dom Inacia.

Susan Casey wrote a beautiful article on her experience with John of God for Oprah’s O magazine.

Joao de Deus is known throughout the world as a spiritual healer and Medium. Entities, Angels and other Healing Beings work through him to perform miraculous healings on those who seek him out. He has cured people with life threatening diseases and illness, physical handicaps and emotional traumas.

I purchased these very special crystals from my long time gem dealer Digby Bertram of Avalon Trading. Digby recently returned from the Casa with these powerful crystals. He personally hand selected each one. He describes his experiences at the Casa as loving, calming, pure and whole. He talks about how deeply meditative it is to sit in the current and energy of the Entities. These crystals certainly carry the quality peace.As I unwrap these cut & polished Quartz Crystals I’m struck by their clarity and brightness. They exude a feeling of love, opening and expanding the heart chakra.

Maybe one day I will go to Brazil to experience first hand this healing place, the Casa of John of God. But until then I have a very special crystal blessed by the entities to hold, I’m using my Casa Crystal to sit quietly, in meditation, to feel the love all around me and to open to all the possibilities this life can offer. When I connect to that deep place of stillness within, I know healing can occur. It’s a very peaceful place to spend some time.

My first impression of these crystals is a sense of possibility. Everything seems possible when holding one of the Casa Crystals. I get the sense that used with a positive intention anything is possible when working with these stones. They seem to connect to that space of infinite possibility. I have been working with stones for over 20 years now, and I have to say, these Casa Crystals really do feel different than other cut crystals from Brazil. In a time when the world is in crisis and many are suffering, perhaps these John of God Crystals can offer some healing, can offer some peace. Visually they are quite beautiful to look at and that in itself has the power to heal.

If you are interested in seeing more of these amazing crystals check out the web page Gemstone & Crystal Gallery or email for more photos. I have lots more that aren’t are the web site. Jewelry too!

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