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How To Use Healing Crystals Throughout The Home-by guest blogger Beatrice Quany

August 10, 2016

crystal-grid-1blog crystal-2How To Use Healing Crystals Throughout The Home  

It is a rare sight to see any home that does not have its fill of televisions, laptops, and microwaves. There are times when we have to take matters into our own hands and remove that which is harmful to us. As life becomes more hectic and technology seems to have an increasing hold over us, we need to be able to maintain proper frequencies with crystals and protection stones.

crystal-grid-1Create A Crystal Gridcrystal-grid-1

There are several powerful ways that crystals that can be used in the home. One of the most powerful ways that crystals can be used in the home is by creating a grid by choosing eight crystals that when combined will form a grid for the home. This display should be carefully placed somewhere special in the home. Once you have chosen the perfect crystals for your individual needs, find the one crystal out of the eight that is calling to you the strongest. This will be known as the changing or master crystal. This is the crystal that needs to be placed at the top of the grid. From there, you will place six of the remaining crystals in a circle with each one pointing inward. The final crystal will be placed in the center of the circle. For those familiar with crystal speak, this can be a pyramid, crystal ball, cluster, or double-terminated. Play around with your arrangement until it feels perfect for you.

When it comes to truly understanding the full use of crystals in the home, you must consider the rooms and what you keep in them as to how these materials affect your daily life. There are specific items that crystals will have a beneficial effect on. If you are able to place your crystal grid near these items, it will cover the item with a positive force of energy and remove the negative energy.

The Bedroom

How many times have your children suffered from things that go bump in the night or nightmares? By placing a crystal grid in the bedroom, it will help your children fight what is troubling them. This will give your children a sense of well-being and help them to feel more protected at night. For children who have computers, video games and other electronics in the bedroom, a salt lamp can be beneficial.



The master bedroom is an area for solitude that is used for both sleep and intimate encounters. The use of Blue Howlite (Turquonite) is designed to induce a passionate mood. Howlite can also be used to create a deeper sleep. For dream enhancement, Jade will take your dreams as far as you want to go. For those who want to remember their dreams the next morning, Kyanite can be used for easier recollection. This is also a crystal that can be used for the help in lucid dreaming. For those who have trouble getting a restful sleep, Amethyst can be used.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is usually the busiest room in the house and with that, it needs to have special attention paid to it. One of the best crystals for the kitchen is Amethyst as is it used to help you to become more creative with your culinary skills. Red Tiger Eye can be placed on a window sill to add a sense of peace in the kitchen, even when it is hectic after a day of work and school.

The Living Room

To create better family discussion and family peace, put a piece of Rhodenite into each corner of the room. Turquoise will help to disburse the negative energy released by the television, while Rose Quartz is the perfect addition to prevent headaches which may be caused watching too much TV.      Rose Quartz

The Bathroom

Using crystals in the bathroom will create a serene environment, which can be increased through the use of candlelight. The candlelight then reflects your crystals’ energy into the room. If you want the ultimate in relaxation, try a warm bath that has rose oil, rosemary, vanilla oil, rose petals, along with a Rose Quartz. Smoky Quartz can be attached to the shower head or faucet and it will remove the negative energy in the water, as well as your skin.

You can use crystals throughout the whole home or just place a grid in one room and use crystals in each of the four corners. To provide protection against intruders and invite abundance into the home, place a Carnelian stone near the front door.

Remember that other people who enter your home may bring negative energy into the home, In order to protect the home from these negative energies, place a piece Hematite under the doormat.

The possibilities are endless and you should never stop experimenting with what feels right for your particular energy. Different crystals work for different people and this is just a guideline for those just starting out using healing crystals.

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