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How to use Crystals & Gemstones to Communicate with the Angels

March 28, 2010


Angel Earrings with Seraphinite

Different Crystals and Gemstones can help us to facilitate our communication with the Angelic Realm. Some of the Angel gemstones like Serpahinite, Selenite, Celestite, Charoite, Angelite, and Danburite can assist us in contacting the angels.

Angel stones can act as physical representations of the energies of the Angelic Realm. Certain stones have vibrations that closely match the angels and can be used as a gateway or bridge so that we can more easily enter into the world of angels. Stones can help us to open our inner vision to perceive the angels. Think of them as the Angel energy in form. Angel stones can be used to attract the angels into your life. Not because the angels need to be attracted in, they are always present, but because we may not be present to them. These stones open us to the angels. The Angels are just waiting for the invite in. Having these stones around you or on your body bridges our 3 dimensional world to the Angelic world.

Angel stones can help you increase your sensitivity to communicating with the angels. Angels are always communicating with us, we just are not always aware of it. Working with Angel stones will make it easier hear them.

The gemstones can help you increase or “turn up the volume” so you can hear the messages more clearly. Gemstones are tools that assist us in becoming more intuitive, help us get open to hearing the angels messages.

Selenite-There is much to be said about this stone Selenite. It is a wonderful stone for many many purposes. It has an intense, high vibration that can open our upper chakras, especially the crown chakra. Once our crown chakra is opened we can then move into higher realms and move through the door into the angelic world. It is also a stone that can melt away or dissolve negative energy or any blockages. It is a purifying and cleansing stone. This would be a great stone to use if you are having difficulty hearing the messages you angels are trying to send to you as it acts to melt away anything that stands in your way from perceiving the angels. Sometimes this stone can feel too intense at first and a more gentler angel stone may want to be tried first. But once you are in tune with its frequencies it does become a powerful allay.

Selenite Egg

Seraphiniteis a stone to call on when you need healing from the angels as it contains chlorite a healing mineral. It can bring wholeness back to the body or situation leaving you with a feeling of well being. Seraphinite can help you to remain conscious and still connect to the angels, example, while driving the car or walking down the trail you can strike up a conversation or feel the angels presence not just during a mediation or in dreams. It helps you feel connected to the angels during your every day activities. This beautiful green stone with this white frosting like marks is found in Russia in Siberia. It gets its name from the angel Seraphim. Look for the silver angel wings within the stone.

Seraphinite- "the Angel of Healing Stone"

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Contacting the angels will leave you feeling great, with a sense of well being a rush of love and joy. Being with the angels will leave you feeling uplifted, and connected to your true spirit.

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