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How to Choose Chakra Jewelry

May 25, 2011

I’ve been making Chakra Jewelry since 1994. Over these many years, I’ve often been asked “How do I choose a Chakra Bracelet. How do I know which one I need? Which one is best for me?”

Sometimes the answer is our Chakra Stones bracelet. This bracelet covers all the Chakras and helps balance each energy center. But, often if we just take a minute to tune into ourselves, by going inwards, to our center, taking  a few deep breaths, we can discern for ourselves which Chakra is calling out for balancing.

If you feel drawn to a particular color this can be an indication. Are you finding yourself wearing more blues or greens? Do you go to your clothes closet pick out a piece of clothing, only to put it back and choose something totally different than what you had planned? This can be a indicator. You may be drawn to the color of the Chakra that needs balancing. Or you could be avoiding a certain color, the very vibration you do need. Ask yourself the question, what’s my favorite color, than ask, which color do I like the least? Look into which Chakra these colors correspond to. You can find information on Chakras on our web site

Another way to explore which Chakras need balancing is to check into your feelings and desires. Are you wanting to feel closer to God, the Divine Creator? Is your inner being calling out for a higher guidance? You might choose the Divine Unity or Spirituality & Intuition bracelet. These two bracelets help you connect to your Higher Self and gain wisdom from the Divine.

 Needing to get a loan from the bank, but lacking the confidence to achieve the loan, choose the Desire bracelet. The gemstones used in this bracelet offer confidence and passion. Once you connect to your passion anything is possible.

Are you feeling creatively blocked? Take a look at the Expression & Creativity Bracelet. This bracelet corresponds to the Throat Chakra, where we express ourselves. Open this Chakra and “speak your truth”

Feeling spacey and unsettled, you may want to try the Power & Vitality bracelet, made with Hematite & Garnet. These two stones are grounding stones, helping you to feel connected to the Earth.

If you are still confused about choosing Chakra balancing jewelry, email me,, let me know what is going on in your life, I would be happy to help you make a choice.

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