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Heart Beat Crystalline Selenite

February 15, 2016


Heart Beat Selenite

Here’s a new crystal discovery I found at the 2016 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show.

Selenite crystals showing a balance of white and pinkish orange, from Nova Scotia, Canada.

These Selenite crystals are hand harvest by a friendly young gentleman names Jacob. Listening to Jacob describe his excitement in finding these sweet gems with this French Canadian accent was refreshing. He has to delicately wrap each crystal at the mining site and carefully places them in his back pack to be cleaned at home. He carries them down on his back a good distance from his car. He uses simple tools to remove them from the Earth. A labor of love for sure.

These unique forms of crystalline Selenite immediately caught my attention a the show. Selenite is such an important stone for these times in so many ways. I feel these new beauties are coming to us now at a time when we as a humanity need this energy.

I was intrigued by the mix of pink/orange and white in these gems. These stones seem to carry a softer quality than most Selenite, influenced by the forgiving vibration of the heart. They are soft, yet there is much power coming off these stones, offering us an opportunity to connect with our own inner strength.


Heart Beat Selenite

Nashia Ahsian, the author of The Crystal Allay cards, tells us that “Selenite’s crystalline structure allows it to move energy easily throughout its form. Its energy is clear, high and sweet, evoking aspects of both the air and water elements. Selenite is a doorway through which the vibration of our Higher Self can enter into our consciousness and physical systems. The Higher Self is the aspect of ourselves that is aware of the totality of our being. When we connect to our Higher Self our physical body and physical manifestations become direct conscious tools for Divine expression in our lives.”

I’m always to grateful to meet people like Jacob who have a special connection and a knowing on where to find treasures from Mother Earth, treasures that can offer us their special gifts. These Selenite Crystals are a special find. I’m happy to bring them back to you.

Connect with the energy of these beautiful heart centered stones now in The Crystal Cottage.

Prices range from $15-$45


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