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Healing Crystals Dancing Dolphin Retreats

April 18, 2016

dolphin retreatI’ve been leading Healing Crystal, Dancing Dolphin Retreats for 5 years now and each trip is different. But what they all have in common is magic. The magical interaction with the dolphins is so very special as are each unique person who chooses to come on the journey with us.

Knowing that these are wild dolphin and they don’t have to interact with us at all, makes any contact we have with them wonderful. Sometimes we find the dolphin in quite meditation or sleep. Staying near the surface so they can breathe, still moving, yet resting is a fascinating thing to witness.

Sometimes they are active playful and filled with what seems like joy. They are frisky, jumping and interacting with each other. We get to observe them in their own environment, in their own playground.

When I stop and pause, and notice how being with the dolphins affects how I feel, I’m connecting to the present moment, deeply and fully aware. All the worries of my life just seem to vanish. The only thing that I’m aware of is their presence as they dance around our boat. I tune into how their presence brings joy, gratitude and a deep feeling of all is well.

I’ve often wondered how that is, that just being in the presence of a pod of wild dolphin can bring about such a deep sense of wholeness, healing and love. I’ve experienced this each time we’ve ventured out on our Healing Crystal Dancing Dolphin Retreats, this familiar feeling of inner calm and a heart filled with love.

With a pouch filled of quartz crystals, I’m able to “program” the crystals with the energy of the dolphin by putting the crystals into the water. The stones absorb the healing vibrations the dolphins emit, so that when I ‘m back home I can hold those crystals and come right back to the healing, loving vibration the dolphin create. I bring enough crystals to charge up with the dolphin energy and gift the stones to others in need of healing. I always leave a crystal or two behind as a gift of gratitude for the dolphin. dolphin3

playing the crystal bowl for the wild dolphin in Key West

playing the crystal bowl for the wild dolphin in Key West

Life is filled with many blessings. Spending time with the dolphins in the wild reminds me of the blessings in my life.

For more information on Healing Crystals, Dancing Dolphin Retreats Click here

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