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Happy Chinese New Year

January 26, 2009

Quan Yin Necklace

Quan Yin Necklace

Today begins the year of the Oxen.  Ox and all cattle are blessed by the Chinese Goddess Quan Yin.  Quan Yin is considered the personification of compassion and kindness, she is the Mother Goddess, patron of Mothers.  I enjoy making jewelry with the lovingkindness energy of Quan Yin. I was very fortunate to find a truly exquisite depiction of Quan Yin carved into a Quartz pendant.  It was easy to design a gemstone beaded necklace for her.  I chose  clear Quartz beads with a sprinkle of rich red faceted Garnet beads.  Garnet has a strong feminine energy and lots of vitality.  Just looking at the Quan Yin carved into this pendant gives me a feeling of kindness and love.  Nice to know that she will be a guiding energy throughout this year.

It is said that people who are born in the year of the OX are methodical, dependable, hardworking, patient and ethical. 

The year of the Ox is a time of hard work, discipline and duty.  This would be a good time to set goals and stick to them.  Go to Goddess Quan Yin if you need assistance in getting clear of your intentions and goals.

If you’d like to order this Quan Yin necklace, please go to my web site:

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