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Growing Your Soul with Love, Faith & Forgiviness

November 29, 2013

21830_493878447309175_2030405089_n[1] - CopyOur guest blog is written by Solaya, Certified Life coach, psychic and spiritual teacher. She is available for private consultations at In this article she offers us a deep reminder on growing our soul.

 The soul has constant opportunities to cultivate its unique
qualities and to look at its most shadowy parts. Opportunities to
cultivate your potential are given through challenges. Letting go of
negative beliefs sprout from past experiences is essential to
transcend limitations.  To grow your soul requires loving yourself by
embracing your authenticity. This will allow your soul to blossom in
beauty, empowered by the integrity of love.
Your contribution to humanity is also part of your soul purpose. This
requires an investment of presence.  Being in the moment awakes you to
your super-consciousness, your full presence.
Your soul guides, comforts and supports you in the present moment, not
in the past nor the future. It is in the present moment that you can
be of service.
Developing your Soul gives you access to broader possibilities. It
takes commitment, willingness and honesty.
Love, faith and forgiveness are strong elements promoting Soul’s growth.

LOVE:  is the flowing abundant energy of who you are: pure love
expressing itself through you.  It gives direction to your life and
manifests itself through multiple endearing qualities of your Soul’s
essence. Love is the realization that all life is one, sharing with
others your uniqueness with authenticity.
Compassion, kindness, respect, generosity, presence, acceptance,
understanding are some of the qualities springing from love. Connect
with your INSPIRATION (in-spirit) and focus on gratitude.  Gratitude
illuminates everything and everyone you come in contact with.

FAITH:   is the powerful energy coming from within to inspire, uplift
and comfort. Faith is the lighthouse guiding you safely to port.
Faith in yourself, on your potential connects you with your highest
Nourish your soul through MEDITATION to quiet your mind from incessant
thoughts. Observing your thoughts permits you to discern better where
you focus the direction of your creative energy. To do that, take a
deep breath and just focus on your breath, simply breathing in and out.
Trust your decisions and choices, allowing your intuition to point the
way towards your Self Realization.

FORGIVENESS:  Forgive yourself and others for past mistakes.  Clearing
the old is essential to fertilize.
Release what you don’t need. Observe yourself, let go & forgive.
Forgiveness frees you to discover your true YOU. Acknowledge the
Divine within every life form. In India when people meet they salute
each other saying Namaste, which means: I salute the divine within you.
Without the grace of forgiveness you can get stuck a long time in the
victim shoes of past situations.  Even thou those situations are
extremely important in our life’s lessons, forgiveness assists you to
surrendering and accepting that which cannot be changed.

During the Holidays multiple opportunities arise to practice your soul’ssolaya2
growth. Solaya will offer a channeled energy session at The Crystal Cottage on December 8th, to remove blocks and burdens, leaving your inner space calm and loving. You will have the chance to ask your questions and get clarity on your direction.

Solaya: Psychic & Spiritual Teacher.
Psychic readings for clarity, inspiration & empowerment.
Tarot Cards, Spirit Energy Guidance & Palmistry. Certified Life Coach.
In person, by phone and Skype.
305.515.0018,, Facebook

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