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Gratitude Meditation with Rhodochrosite

September 1, 2015

Rhodochrosite is one of my favorite Heart Chakra Stones. It is a lovely shade of pink emitting a powerful vibration of gratitude. I chose to use this stone in my Gratitude Healing Bracelet.

Rhodochrosite Bracelet

Gemstone bracelet with Rhodochrosite

The energy current of this Stone of the Pink ray is one of Gratitude. Gratitude brings about a feeling of peace, love and joy and these are the energy qualities of Rhodochrosite. Rhodochrosite can help you invite positive energy into your life through being grateful. Rhodochrosite emanates a tender loving energy that brings about harmony and well being.

Meditating with Rhodochrosite can bring you to a state of Gratitude.

Start by holding a piece of Rhodocrhrosite in your dominate hand. Allow yourself to softly gaze at the stone, just noticing its shape, color, how it feels in your hand, making a connection and attuning to its energy. No need to judge it or make any conclusion about it, just observe the stone in your hand.

Now close your eyes and keep holding the stone throughout this meditation.

Now, connect to the feeling of gratitude, allowing gratitude to bubble up within you naturally. Think of people in your life for whom you are grateful. This can be people in your life at this present moment or someone from your past. Just allow these feelings to flow over you.

The feelings of gratitude can bring about feelings of inner peace, increase mindfulness, and attract more good into our lives.

Gratitude connects us to the present moment.

Gratitude uplifts our spirits and feeds our hearts.

Gratitude opens the heart and activates positive emotion centers in the brain.  Regular practice of gratitude can change the way our brain neurons fire into more positive automatic patterns.

So allow now these feelings of gratitude to come into your being and when it comes up just let yourself sink into the feeling, surrender to it.

Notice how it feels in your body, how your energy feels.

If it doesn’t come up that’s OK, you don’t need to try to make yourself feel it. Just surrender to your heart not your head and continue to feel the Rhodochrosite in your hand.

Firstly bring your awareness to your breath, as you inhale and as you exhale and the fact that each of these breaths gives you life.

Then, be aware of your heart beating, pulsing, filling with love and compassion and peace, and flowing that back out.

Bring your awareness to your eyes that let you see color, faces, smiles, nature, the sunrise, the sunset, the rainbow, the moon and the stars, yourself in the mirror.

Bring your awareness to your ears and take in the sounds around you, also being aware of the silence around you, the spaces in between the sounds.

Bring your awareness to your nose, and recall the smells of the ocean breeze, the aroma of sweet perfume, the flowers, the trees, newly cut grass, the wafting smells that come from the kitchen, cupcakes in the oven.

Bring your awareness to your lips and mouth that tastes and savors and nourishes, kisses and speaks, that whispers, and sings.

Bring your awareness to your hands that hold and touch, and caress, and open and close, and applaud, and squeeze, the arms and shoulders that carry and hug and lift and stretch.

Bring your awareness to your feet and your toes. Go ahead and wiggle them. They carry you, transport you, allow you to walk, run, dance, kick, leap and point.

Bring your awareness to your abundance, your expansion, your evolution, your perspective shifts, the affluence and flow and empathy and love and light. Consider your ability to see growth, and potential in every moment.

Now just breathe and feel more grace, and ease.

Rhodochrosite bracelet

rhodochrosite gratitude bracelet

And now experience the warmth, love and compassion that gratitude brings into your heart.

Drift your awareness to nurturing relationships in your life, the new ones and the older ones.

Material things that came to you unexpectedly, things that flow to you with great effort and commitment, hard work.

Think of love in your life, and your connection to those things that are sweet, and loving and honorable, and just feel right.

When we no longer take life for granted, we become grateful for everything that we have.

Just breathe now for a few minutes and feel this flow of gratitude fill your body, fill your mind and fill your heart. As you feel ready, open your eyes and look down at the Rhodochrosite in your hand.


Now give gratitude to the stone in your hand for helping you on your journey into gratitude.


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