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Gemstone Jewelry Inspired by Nature

May 16, 2009

Florida KeysI am en-route from my winter home in the Florida Keys to my summer home in southwest  Colorado.  Driving through this great big country, I am in awe of the beauty of nature I see passing before me.  As I look out the window I see lots and lots of color. Mostly green.  All shades of green.  I begin to associate the colors with the energy of gemstone beads and before I know it am designing gemstone necklaces in my mind.  I am seeing the light yellow green of Peridot mixing with a deeper shade of Green with Jade add in some brown pearls and the field of freshly planted corn comes alive in a new gemstone necklace.  More Peridot now added with yellow citrine reflects the green pasture that is beaming with yellow flowers.
The sky has been stormy for some of this trip and I am reminded of  some nicely faceted Labradorite beads  with color flashes of gold for the lightening that lights up the distant sky.  As we were driving out of the Keys, the water was all shades of blue-green, melting into the deeper shades of blue reflecting in the sky.  I would choose Chrysoprase, Sodalite, and bright blue Turquoise for that necklace.
I love it when nature can inspire me to create unique one of a kind necklaces with such ease. 
As soon as I set up my bead studio I will put some of these nature designs into form with my collection of gemstone beads. 

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