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amethystPeople with an addiction often want to overcome it. Many actually do, however, there are a few requirements one must adhere to in order to be successful in recovery. Some of these things include a powerful support system, a go-getter attitude, and probably the most important is a cheery, positive mindset. Many people use healing crystals in their recovery process. They can even help you overcome other types of unwanted, unhealthy emotional patterns which you keep turning to.

Spiritual well-being, a positive mindset, and faith are essential parts of any recovery process. Healing stones and crystals can help you stay on the right track because they foster your feelings. They enable you to feel stable which in turn allows you to experience a soothing inner focus. The fact is that to experience total recovery a person must be able to concentrate on the task and goal at hand. For some, this means focusing on daily discipline and never taking a day off. In addition, wearing jewelry made with crystals, especially dedicated to addiction recovery, will encourage a person to stay grounded and help them through their recovery stages.

Recognizing Which Crystals will Help with Addiction

amethyst mala braceletOriginally, transformation bracelets and necklaces were designed to help people overcome addictions and emotional issues. These jewelry pieces help by acting as a physical element which reminds a person about their addiction recovery goals. Just continually looking or even glancing at them can be the reminder you need to stay focused and encouraged enough to stay on track to reach your goals. The healing crystals located in these items have properties which help with the healing process. Some of the crystals which help with addiction include the following:

  • Hematite – Helps a person release any unwanted habits they have formed in their life. This is known to be one of the best crystals for addictions.
  • Black Onyx – Helps calm your nerves, fears, and worries, along with giving you strength to overcome addiction and enhance your life.
  • Obsidian – Soaks up mental stress, which is an essential part of the healing of an addiction. This crystal also aides in the removal of toxins from a person’s body.

Another element which can help people with addictions is the amethyst. This stone is a critical component of the healing crystal combo. It comes from a greek word, amethystos, which actually means “not drunk.” An ancient myth is associated with amethyst. It indicates that Bacchus turned a young woman to stone. Then, Bacchus showed remorse by pouring wine all over the stone figure, which turned the statue purple, creating amethyst. Many people believe putting amethyst stones in your alcohol beverage or wine drinks can prevent a person from getting overtaken by the spirits in their drinks. If you are recovering from an addiction, especially an alcohol addiction, amethyst is considered one of the best stones to use.

Healing crystals, in combination with wellness crystals, offer a person who has an addiction the ability to create habit setting intentions, limitations, and goals. Having patience, being persistent, engaging in positive thinking, and remembering to always work towards your goal can also enhance the chances of full recovery.

Crystal Rituals

Many people have used crystal rituals to help them overcome their addiction. Some of the rituals which are commonly used include the following:

  • Crystal grid – used to help with spiritual well-being
  • Crystal elixir and amulet – used to ward off cravings
  • Crystal bath – helps charge your chakras
  • Crystal incense therapy – helps improve your mood
  • Crystal massages – makes energy to penetrate your dermis

These rituals could help you decrease the negativity going on in your life. They have helped many others reach addiction and recovery goals.

For those with addictions, you might prefer to carry around tumbled stones. These are perfect for someone who is sensitive to crystal energy. However, you can also wear a piece of healing energy jewelry. Both of these will serve as a continual reminder and show you how far you have come on your road to recovery. They will also be the physical element which displays your intentions and goals. They will help keep you strong and positive.

Let the healing powers begin. Invest in yourself and your recovery by choosing energy crystals or tumbled stones. Just remember for some people a single crystal will work perfectly, but for others a combo of wearable crystal energy will be needed. The best way to go is to trust your gut intuition and find which method works for you. In all cases, healing crystals should be used alongside other therapies and treatment. They should never be used for a replacement for regular medical care. With that being said, crystals along with the proper care, can surely help you accomplish all your addiction recovery goals. You may want to give them a try today.

Patrick Bailey is a professional writer mainly in the fields of mental health, addiction, and living in recovery. He attempts to stay on top of the latest news in the addiction and the mental health world and enjoy writing about these topics to break the stigma associated with them.


For hundreds of years, mankind has always believed that some crystals and tones are conduits of energy that will affect one’s behavior and spiritual force.

Nikola Tesla considered one of the greatest minds of all time, believe that all forms in the universe have their own energy that will alter the pulsation and vibration of similar or contrasting forms of energy.

Unfortunately, Eastern mystics are dismissed by Western medicines as nothing more than quacks when for millennia, they have helped patients even before the word alcohol and drug rehab entered the lexicon of substance abuse.

With that said, here are some crystals and stones that can help with addiction treatment:

  1. amethystAmethyst – This crystal has been dubbed the ‘sobriety stone’ for its powers to help individuals turn a corner in their struggle to curb their cravings. What it does is to elevate your consciousness and link you up to a higher astral plane. This Amethyst will help you relax your mind and forget all your stress.

Smoky Quartz – This crystal, meanwhile, will help lift the veil of depression and loneliness. This is known to soothe and calm nerves. It’s also a good stress buster. The smoky quartz will link you with the earth’s energy, which means you are grounded. It’s also best to help provide relief for pain, headache, and muscle tension.

Bloodstone – So-called because of the patches of red on a dark surface, the bloodstone is used to revitalize and soothe both the mind and body. It’s believed that the blood was from Jesus Christ himself when it flowed to the earth during the crucifixion. So this is a potent element.

Emerald – The emerald not only looks good on you as an accessory, but it’s also closely associated with love, friendship, and relationships. It will help cut out the negativity in your life, while also helping heal your kidney and liver. The emerald will soothe the feelings of guilt while at the same time open your psychic abilities.

Rose Quartz – The rose quartz is helpful in trying to overcome trauma. It’s not known as a love stone for nothing. Rose Quartz is characterized by its distinct pink color and it will help calm your troubled mind, as well as promote emotional healing. It’s also a creativity stone, and this will help people connect with their creative side and rekindle their love for music, art, and writing.    Rose quartz heart

Celestite – This stone is known as a healing crystal. The term itself is translated to either sky or heaven because its appearance is similar to a bluish sky. The association is not limited to the physical appearance since it’s been known to elevate your mood and your spirit. Simply put, it will help connect you to the astral plane. Knowing that you are a child of the universe, special in your own right, will help provide you with a perspective.

Substance abuse is a complex disease. Everybody agrees with that statement, even the most hardline scientists and academics with years of experience dealing with alcohol and drug addiction.

It is for this reason that we shouldn’t dismiss outright alternative methods of therapy just because it’s not aligned with the protocols of traditional resources in Colorado or drug rehab in California, for instance. These crystals and stones can complement traditional treatment methods offered by rehab facilities.

Sharon Torres is a freelance writer who is chronicling her experiences through this thing called life. She believes that if you always move forward in life then there is no need to look back. Her favorite writer is Phillip K. Dick.

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