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When it comes to picking a new and exciting travel destination, often just looking for the best deals or closing your eyes and spinning a globe can suffice. But, if you’re searching for something a little more unconventional and interesting, then why not choose your next destination based on your zodiac sign?

In the Western world, Astrology is usually solely based on the way that the constellations fall in the celestial elliptic, which is the path of the sun that goes around the earth’s sphere. There is more to zodiac signs that astrology. Your sun sign, moon sign and ascendant or rising sign all influence the way that you appear to others. This is also reflected in the travel destinations below, which are believed to match up with certain personalities and traits of travelers. So, is your zodiac sign promising you a whole new adventure?

Aquarius – Detroit, USA

January 20 – February 18

Aquarius’ love to act like a rebel, but they’re also believed to be true humanitarians who constantly seek everything which is experimental and innovative. It is important for Aquarius’ to feel as though they are making a difference, especially if it involves visiting locations that are off the beaten track. Kyrgyzstan is another wonderful location for you to visit as you can lose yourself in the Tian Shan remote mountains, go walnut picking or even go on a horse riding excursion.

Pisces – The Himalaya

February 19 – March 20

Pisces are dreamy and rarely have their feet on solid ground. They are known as the lovers and healers of the zodiac and are romantic, spiritual seekers. They often seek gentle air and downtime, so somewhere free of crowds is the perfect destination. Tibet is vast, beautiful and full of spirituality and peacefulness – all the things which they value in life. As the Pisces sign is symbolized by the fish, water is a huge appeal for this star sign so visiting Tibet’s sacred lakes, such as Yamdrok-tso or Nam-tso, where you can go for a swim, meditate and practice peace.

If you can, as a symbol of your birthstone, try and find a beautiful piece of amethyst jewelry during your travels to The Himalaya to maintain your feelings of inner calm.     

Aries – SoCal, USA

March 21 – April 19

The first sign of the Zodiac, Aries are young at heart and pioneering, as well as spontaneous. Often the party starter, the best getaway for Aries is Southern California, where you can enjoy the warmth of the sun by hiring a car and living your most glamorous life cruising up and down the Sunset Strip. You can experience hits of much-needed action, including surfing lessons or spontaneous drives just because you want to.

Taurus – Tuscany, Italy

April 20 – May 20

No one quite knows how to enjoy Earth’s finest pleasures than Taurus’. Their constellation may be the bull but they are easy to impress with beautiful surroundings. Italy, and specifically Tuscany, is the perfect travel destination as you can relax in a wonderful villa, enjoy a glass or two of fine Chianti wine and take in the stunning views. Be sure to make plans to see some of the best artwork in humanity’s history, including Botticelli’s The Birth Of Venus, which hangs at the Uffzi Gallery.

Gemini – Vancouver and Seattle, Canada

May 21 – June 20

As this star sign is made up of a twin constellation, Geminis are well known for often having a split or duo personality. This is often down to a love for meeting new people, communications and sharing ideas with others and being prone to changes. Visiting somewhere which satisfies these travel desires is a must and Vancouver and Seattle in Canada are the perfect destination. Just 2 ½ hours drive from one another, this is the ideal city mix. There is plenty to do in both cities that you are unlikely to get bored.

Cancer – Southern Coast of France

June 21 – July 22

Cancer is known for being a kind personality and their constellation of the crab means that they really know what “slow travel” is. As they are ruled by the emotional moon, it may be that you are most comfortable being in your own space, or shell, so this means having some comforts to enjoy during your travels. The Southern Coast of France is ideal, as it offers a very easy-going way of living and has plenty to enjoy doing at your own pace. From cooking classes to wine tastings and museum visits to afternoons at the beach, spending time here is sure to relax and refresh your mind.

Leo – Argentina

July 23 – August 22

Leos are the lions of the zodiac signs and are said to be ruled by the sun. Whilst many Leos love the spotlight, they are also huge softies at heart who crave romance, adventure and well being, like their birthstone, peridot. Travel is something that all Leos feel strongly about and the need to go somewhere which provides great stories is a must. Argentina has it all, from warm Buenos Aires evenings spent enjoying great food to days partying on the beach. Leos do nothing by halves, so plan fun and exciting hiking trips into the wilderness of Patagonia to soothe your need for adventure.

Virgo – Malaysia

August 23 – September 22

Whilst Virgo’s sign is the virgin, they are practical creators and are ruled by the Chiron asteroid. Virgo’s value luxury, organisation and well-being, but they can also come across as being picky when in actual fact, they constantly think about how they can perfect things. Because of this, many Virgo’s often feel that they need to spend time healing, so a spa retreat is the most suitable getaway. In Malaysia, there are many dedicated spas and wellness centres which offer luxurious relaxation, with trickling streams, plunge pools and relaxing zen gardens.

Libra – Istanbul, Turkey

September 23 – October 22

Libra is the most balanced sign and they are fair judges who value true balance, harmony and peace. As they are also ruled by Venus, they are romantics who can’t help but adore beautiful and attractive things. With intellectual and philosophy traits, visiting somewhere which is steeped in history and art is sure to be a trip worth doing. Istanbul is a city that sits in between two continents – Asia and Europe. As Libra’s hate choosing sides, you’ll get them both in one!

Scorpio – Johannesburg, South Africa

October 23 – November 21

Deep, dark and brace, Scorpio’s are drawn to mysterious things and are curious about almost anywhere and anything and can find the art which lies in everything. Appreciating the thrive and power it takes to survive in difficult times, Scorpio’s are bound to love Johannesburg. With past scars and a rich personality, the city’s turbulent history may only make you love and respect it even more.

Sagittarius – South America                                                                                                             

November 22 – December 21

If there is one word that attracts Sagittarius’, then it is expansiveness. They are ruled by Jupiter and are associated with reach and optimism. As truth-seekers, they are known to fly off the handle when a mood strikes and, with their other restless and wild qualities, a vacation spent enjoying the sights of South America is sure to soothe their soul. Backpacking around South America is not only an adventure of a lifetime, but a chance to do things you wouldn’t usually.

Capricorn – Hawaii

December 22 – January 19

The most driven and ambitious of the star signs, Capricorns are hard working and won’t be satisfied with any vacation destination. It must be somewhere important and where they can learn things about the world and community which surrounds us. For Capricorns, Hawaii is the ideal location as there are so many aid and charity programs to get involved in and enjoy the sights. This kind of vacation is perfect for the more serious thinkers, as it balances relaxation and giving back.

If you are heading on any kind of travelling adventure, then be sure that you have all of the correct visas and documentation. If you are travelling from the US or UK, then immigration lawyers will have all the information you need, as well as the government travel service and it is vital that, with Brexit affecting some people’s travel plans, you have everything you need to be sorted well in advance.

Our guest blogger Natalie Wilson is a freelance writer with a particular focus on sustainability and eco-friendly living. Whether you’re looking for a new meditation method or some facts on plastic pollution, she’s your girl! When not writing, Natalie can be found pulling on her leggings and hoodie and heading to the gym or walking her dog. You can connect with her on Twitter @NatWilson976.




Happy Birthday Aires!

We are in the energy field of energetic Aires. The Sun moved into the astrological sign of Aires on Wednesday March 20th at 11:58 am EDT.

When I think of the fiery sign of Aries I think of inspiration and new beginnings as it is the first sign of the Zodiac and helps us welcome in the energy of Spring.

Aires people are passionate, committed and independent. They like to set goals and get things done.  They love to start new projects and push themselves into achieving the task at hand.

Aries is all about manifesting dreams and desires and so is the vibrational qualities of orange Carnelian.

While the birthstone for April is traditionally Diamond, Carnelian more accurately sets the tone for Arian energy.

So, if you are wanting to ride the qualities of Aries as it moves through the astrological heavens turn to Carnelian to help you set goals and manifest your ideas, start new projects and turn them into success.                                                                                                                  Carnelian Pendant

Carnelian is a stone for confidence. With its fiery, creative, energy it’s the stone to get things going. Need a little inspiration to get yourself to the gym? Carnelian will motivate you to get going. Carnelian with its vibrant warm color and super powerful energy, is known as a stone for motivation and endurance.

Carnelian helps up step into a leadership role. Carnelian can ignite creativity and bring life force energy to those creative projects

So grab your Carnelian. It’s time to manifest!

Check out the Carnelian Hearts


How Crystals And Stones Can Be Used For Self-Care

March 21, 2019

Achieving optimal health is something of a balance between the mind, body and soul. Healing crystals are becoming more and more popular and have amassed a large following. Different crystals are believed to have multiple different benefits, with some said to reduce stress, others allow you to think more clearly, whilst some are known for boosting confidence. There is no limit to how many crystals you can use at one time, as they are said to complement each other and work in sync to improve your body’s energy. When using them for self-care and health benefits, having a strong sense of self-love is important. Adding crystals into your self-care routine can have enormous benefits and has been known to help anxiety and stress. When using crystals and stones, you may begin to feel a lightness and relief, but just like any other health routine, exercise or diet, a crystal routine […]

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Create a Day of Self Love This Valentine’s Day

February 3, 2019

Fall in love with yourself this Valentine’s Day and treat yourself to a special day filled with love and appreciation for YOURSELF! February is known as the month of romance. But for many who don’t have a romantic partner in their life, Valentine’s Day can be a lonely or even a depressing holiday. Whether you are in a relationship or not, flow loving energy to yourself this Valentine’s Day. When we first learn to truly love ourselves we can open our hearts to receive the love of others. We all need to be reminded to love and nurture ourselves Here are some suggestions to make this Valentine’s Day or any day of the year a special day to love yourself.     Surround yourself with heart opening stones. The mighty trio of Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Rhodocrosite offer us an opportunity to open our hearts to ourselves. These three pink gemstones are reminders […]

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Wish Fulfulling Gems

January 2, 2019

What are you calling in for the New Year?    Maybe your New Year’s intention was to attract more prosperity and abundance into your life. Here are 3 gemstones that can help you manifest that intention. Jade for attracting good fortune               Sunstone for prosperity            Citrine for abundance Wish fulfilling gems are stones that clear the way to manifesting your best and highest good in all areas of your life. Creating a space for empowerment and abundance. Use these powerful stones for manifesting and discover their wish fulfilling properties Jade for attracting good fortune Green Jade is prized for its healing properties and over all feelings of well being. In China, Jade has been highly esteemed and known to bring good luck, prosperity and abundance. Jade represents harmony and happiness in business and family. It can help you feel connected […]

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Crystals & Gemstones To Help You Set Intention For The New Year

December 31, 2018

Do you like to set intentions for the new year? I’ve come up with a list of gemstones to help you manifest your intentions with gemstones & crystals. How to set a New Year Intention: Write down your intentions, goals, aspirations, desires on paper. Perhaps you’d like to keep a journal for this or express your intention to someone else. It is helpful to speak your intention as well as write it down. Words carry vibration so when you speak your intention you put that vibration out into the universe.  Before you even begin to write down your intention, get really clear and focus on what it is you intend. Say it in a positive way. Never say what you don’t want, always focus on what you do want to bring into your life. Say it in the present tense as if it is already occurring in your life. Really […]

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5 Stones To Cleanse Your Home For The New Year

December 29, 2018

Start the New Year off with an energetic cleansing of your home or office. We all need to cleanse our environments from time to time to release built up stagnant energy. The New Year is the perfect time to invigorate your personal space with the help of Crystals. Here’s a list of 5 Healing Crystals that help clear an area of negative energy:    Selenite is a clear form of gypsum. Selenite can have a very intense energy and it is useful in conducting energy. Selenite can clear blocked energy making it very helpful for opening restricted or stagnant energy in any environment. Selenite wands are very powerful healing tools and and can be waved through the air to move energy or placed in a room to melt away energy blockages. Selenite  works well with the energies of other stones. Like quartz it can amplify energy and actually cleanse other […]

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Take The Stess Out Of The Holidays With Crystals

November 23, 2018

The holiday season is here! While this festive time of year can be filled with joy and celebration, many people experience feelings of overwhelm, apprehension, challenges and stress. There is assistance from the Crystal Kingdom that can help us feel supported, balanced and centered. Gemstones have been used for throughout the ages to help relax us into a space of well being. Stones are gifts from the earth and offer their blessings to us. Crystals and gemstones can help us navigate through the many types of inner and outer stresses that often come at this time of year. Exactly what happens when we carry, hold, meditate with a stone is not scientifically proven. But many of us “know” that the vibration of gemstones help us feel calm, centered, rested, and vibrant. All the qualities needed during the holidays. By taking some time out to be with Crystals and Stones we […]

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How Crystals and Stones Can Help with Addiction

November 15, 2018

On the road to recovery from an addiction, you might want all the tools you can get to stay sober, healthy and happy. In the world of holistic healing, crystals and stones are used for many different ailments and issues. They can also be used for addiction. Crystals and stones are often known as healing crystals or stones. Depending on the specific crystal or stone, they are said to help with different issues. Most crystals help with positive energy and can help you repel negativity, which is very crucial in addiction recovery.   Crystals can also serve as a physical reminder to keep yourself sober and in a positive mindset. It can help to have crystals or stones around your home or even wear jewelry with crystals or stones to remind yourself often. Crystals also have healing properties that can aid in your recovery process.   Some of the best […]

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