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Fall in love with yourself this Valentine’s Day and treat yourself to a special day filled with love and appreciation for YOURSELF!

February is known as the month of romance. But for many who don’t have a romantic partner in their life, Valentine’s Day can be a lonely or even a depressing holiday. Whether you are in a relationship or not, flow loving energy to yourself this Valentine’s Day. When we first learn to truly love ourselves we can open our hearts to receive the love of others. We all need to be reminded to love and nurture ourselves

Here are some suggestions to make this Valentine’s Day or any day of the year a special day to love yourself.     crystal heart pendant

Surround yourself with heart opening stones. The mighty trio of Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Rhodocrosite offer us an opportunity to open our hearts to ourselves. These three pink gemstones are reminders to love ourselves. While they offer a soft, soothing energy, they are powerful in their ability to open the heart chakra, clear away emotional wounds and reawaken the trusting heart.

Breathe in the aromatic smells of our Chakra Balancing Spray for the Heart Chakra.

Infused with gemstones of pink Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine this spray will up lift your heart and fill you with loving vibrations. Three different essential oils, including Jasmine come together to balance the emotions of the heart. Aromatherapy sprays can instantly raise your vibration and mood. Mist your pillow before going to bed and bath yourself in the balancing aroma of the Heart Chakra

Meditate. Here is a short meditation using the Gemstone Rose Quartz for self-love.

While laying down, place a Rose Quartz on your Heart Chakra.  Close your eyes and breath slowly and deeply, quieting the mind.  Begin to feel the vibration of the Rose Quartz on your Heart Chakra. Visualize the color pink.  Begin at your feet and slowly move the soft pink color up and over your body until your whole body is bathed in the loving, compassionate and peaceful energy that is Rose Quartz.  Allow yourself several minutes to be in this calm and loving space. When you feel ready place both your hands over the stone as it sits on your Heart Chakra and once again become aware of your breath. With each in breath, breathe in the loving energy of the Rose Quartz, with each out breath, breathe out hurt, fear, worry or any other emotion that is blocking your heart.  Do this several times until you begin to feel a peacefulness, a calm throughout your body.  You can say to yourself, I am love, I am loved, repeat several times.  When you feel ready, place your hands down by your sides and feel love, feel your heart warm and open to receive all the love that is here for you.  When you feel ready open your eyes and give yourself a great big hug.

Indulge in taking a long hot bath and relax with some candle light, soothing music.

Prepare a healthy meal and take the time to savor its deliciousness.

Get out in nature and enjoy the beauty that is there. Go for walk and contemplate all the goodness already in your life. Don’t forget to take your camera to help you focus in on what you find.

And, don’t forget to buy some flowers. You deserve it!

Looking for love this Valentine’s day? Start with loving yourself.


You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.-Deepak Chopra





Wish Fulfulling Gems

January 2, 2019

What are you calling in for the New Year?    Maybe your New Year’s intention was to attract more prosperity and abundance into your life. Here are 3 gemstones that can help you manifest that intention.

Jade for attracting good fortune               Sunstone for prosperity            Citrine for abundance

Wish fulfilling gems are stones that clear the way to manifesting your best and highest good in all areas of your life. Creating a space for empowerment and abundance.

Use these powerful stones for manifesting and discover their wish fulfilling properties

JadeJade for attracting good fortune

Green Jade is prized for its healing properties and over all feelings of well being. In China, Jade has been highly esteemed and known to bring good luck, prosperity and abundance.

Jade represents harmony and happiness in business and family. It can help you feel connected to the earth and nature.

Jade reminds us to stop and smell the flowers, touch someone you love and share your abundant heart with others.

It reminds us that abundance isn’t always found on the outside. Jade encourages us to look at abundance from a deeper level, where we can see abundance everywhere we look, at the trees, flowers even the air we breathe.


sunstone jewelrlySunstone for Prosperity

Sunstone is a stone of prosperity assisting us in manifesting on all levels, including knowledge and wisdom by helping us to align the mind’s inspirations with the heart’s wisdom.

It naturally vibrates to the Solar Rays of the Sun and allow us to tap into that powerful solar energy. Think energizer bunny when you are feeling your inspiration and energy waning.

Sunstone will help keep you inspired to achieve your aspirations and intentions.

Sunstone is a useful stone to use in meditation to help you realize your highest path in any action or situation.

It’s the perfect stone to keep on your altar to remind you to work towards your goals each day.


Citrine is known as an abundance stone.

citrine clusterPlace one in your wallet, cash box or wherever you keep your money to remind you of your abundance and reassure you that more is on the way.

Wear Citrine as jewelry to receive its creative energy to help increase your ability to manifest the abundant life you so deserve.

Cirtine helps us to dream big and brings clarity and light to those dreams.

Citrine stimulates our creative energy, our will and increases our ability to bring energy into form.


Here’s to your abundant New Year!


Do you love crystals and stones? Join my FB group  Crystal Awareness Network a community page where we share our love for crystals.


Crystals & Gemstones To Help You Set Intention For The New Year

December 31, 2018

Do you like to set intentions for the new year? I’ve come up with a list of gemstones to help you manifest your intentions with gemstones & crystals. How to set a New Year Intention: Write down your intentions, goals, aspirations, desires on paper. Perhaps you’d like to keep a journal for this or express your intention to someone else. It is helpful to speak your intention as well as write it down. Words carry vibration so when you speak your intention you put that vibration out into the universe.  Before you even begin to write down your intention, get really clear and focus on what it is you intend. Say it in a positive way. Never say what you don’t want, always focus on what you do want to bring into your life. Say it in the present tense as if it is already occurring in your life. Really […]

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5 Stones To Cleanse Your Home For The New Year

December 29, 2018

Start the New Year off with an energetic cleansing of your home or office. We all need to cleanse our environments from time to time to release built up stagnant energy. The New Year is the perfect time to invigorate your personal space with the help of Crystals. Here’s a list of 5 Healing Crystals that help clear an area of negative energy:    Selenite is a clear form of gypsum. Selenite can have a very intense energy and it is useful in conducting energy. Selenite can clear blocked energy making it very helpful for opening restricted or stagnant energy in any environment. Selenite wands are very powerful healing tools and and can be waved through the air to move energy or placed in a room to melt away energy blockages. Selenite  works well with the energies of other stones. Like quartz it can amplify energy and actually cleanse other […]

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Take The Stess Out Of The Holidays With Crystals

November 23, 2018

The holiday season is here! While this festive time of year can be filled with joy and celebration, many people experience feelings of overwhelm, apprehension, challenges and stress. There is assistance from the Crystal Kingdom that can help us feel supported, balanced and centered. Gemstones have been used for throughout the ages to help relax us into a space of well being. Stones are gifts from the earth and offer their blessings to us. Crystals and gemstones can help us navigate through the many types of inner and outer stresses that often come at this time of year. Exactly what happens when we carry, hold, meditate with a stone is not scientifically proven. But many of us “know” that the vibration of gemstones help us feel calm, centered, rested, and vibrant. All the qualities needed during the holidays. By taking some time out to be with Crystals and Stones we […]

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How Crystals and Stones Can Help with Addiction

November 15, 2018

On the road to recovery from an addiction, you might want all the tools you can get to stay sober, healthy and happy. In the world of holistic healing, crystals and stones are used for many different ailments and issues. They can also be used for addiction. Crystals and stones are often known as healing crystals or stones. Depending on the specific crystal or stone, they are said to help with different issues. Most crystals help with positive energy and can help you repel negativity, which is very crucial in addiction recovery.   Crystals can also serve as a physical reminder to keep yourself sober and in a positive mindset. It can help to have crystals or stones around your home or even wear jewelry with crystals or stones to remind yourself often. Crystals also have healing properties that can aid in your recovery process.   Some of the best […]

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A Journey Into My Heart-Pink Amethyst

June 14, 2018

Pink Amethyst comes to us from a remote area in Argentina. This is a recent crystal discovery.  These crystal nodules are all dug by hand in Patagonia, Argentina. I always take note when a new crystal deposit is discovered and brought to market. What message does it have for humanity at this time? Why now, what does it have to offer? I first heard about Pink Amethyst during the February 2017 Tuscon gem show. I was unable to attend this year’s show as I was still recovering from the loss of my home and business on Big Pine Key in Florida due to Hurricane Irma.  Once Pink Amethyst came up on my radar I knew I had to have some for myself but also to offer to my clients. One of my “rock buddies” went on a search for me at the show and was able to locate THE source […]

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Earth Blessings, Earth Healing, Earth Day

April 22, 2018

Earth Day is a day to reflect on ways we live in harmony with Mother Earth. Now more than ever we need to be good stewards to our Mother Earth. Here are some ideas and information to help you generate awareness of this this important day and to live everyday as Earth Day .  Earthing Ever notice how you feel so energized and vibrant while walking on the beach? You might have noticed how the stress rolls off and you feel completely relaxed. What’s the magical ingredient? Electrons. Our feet contain a rich, intricate network of nerves and acupuncture points and are especially adept at picking up free electrons from the earth’s surface. It’s called barefoot or caveman medicine, and walking barefoot – aka earthing or grounding – may be the easiest, simplest and cheapest way of shifting your body back to an optimal state of homeostasis and health. The […]

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Hurricanes, Crystals And Lessons In Being Flexible

March 29, 2018

Nothing like a hurricane to blow through your life to bring about major change. Like it or not, my life has recently undergone a major transformation due to Hurricane Irma. Irma passed directly over my home and business in The Florida Keys on September 10, 2017 as a category 4 storm. The effects were devastating, not just for me, but for my entire neighborhood and surrounding islands. Both my home and business, The Crystal Cottage/Spirals of Light, were left standing, but both were heavily damaged by wind and storm surge. The time immediate after the storm was exhausting and overwhelming to say the least. The cleanup was grueling. Most of my belongings weren’t salvageable as mud and grime coated everything. It took many weeks for the realization to settle in that life was not going to go back to normal anytime soon.   Crystals and friends to the rescue! If […]

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Why do the Stars love Crystals?

March 25, 2018

Crystals Are Gaining Popularity with Celebrities What Are crystals? Crystals are naturally occurring minerals which have an ordered regular arrangement of atoms making up their internal structure. This regular arrangement of atoms is what causes them to possess their pleasing symmetry and to radiate such beautiful pure colors. Formed in the earth over millions of years these wonderful stones mirror the infinite variety of matter in the universe and have fascinated mankind for many thousands of years.   What Is Crystal Healing? Crystal Healingis a holistic energy based method of healing which taps into the natural power of crystals for their vibrational connection to the Earth. Many people have felt the spiritual benefits of having crystals in their homes or by carrying them in a purse or pocket. The world is a mysterious and wonderful place and there is a rapidly growing number of people across the world who find […]

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