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Crystal Energy Readings

March 8, 2015

I’m embarking on a new project!

With the assistance of my good friend Daashia Cochran from Phoenix Rising, I’m able to create weekly Video Crystal Energy Readings.  crystal energy readings

These readings offer messages from the crystals to help guide us in our daily lives. Crystal readings provide information and insight that may answer questions about love, career, health, happiness or any other area of life.

Messages from the crystals give us opportunity to see what is possible for the week so we can align our energy. These messages can be seen road signs to follow for the week.

You can tune into these Crystal Energy Readings as a tool for self-knowledge as the Crystals provide information and insight to our lives that may not otherwise be accessed.

How the readings are done

I call in my spirit energy guides and pick a stone from my “Crystal Bag” of about 40 different stones. Once a crystal is chosen to represent the energy of the week, I begin to focus on the crystal’s energy and its specific meaning. I share the information and messages I receive from the stones. Each semi-precious gemstone radiates a different energy and has its own unique vibration and message.

My intent is to offer an opportunity to gain clarity and insight into the questions and issues that are present in our lives through the use of crystals and gemstones. Crystal Energy Readings are a fun and light-hearted way of experiencing the energy and messages from the Crystal kingdom.

I have been working with crystals and healing gemstones for over 25 years. I am a Certified Crystal Therapist, Consultant and Reiki Master, which allows me to add the Reiki Healing Energy into all of my work.
I offer energy healing sessions combining hands-on-healing with Crystals, Reiki, Sound and Aromatherapy.

Interested in a personal Crystal Reading? Please call 305-872-4750 or email me at


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